Cardinals LB Joey Porter Claims Officer Unlawfully Struck Him

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    Arizona Cardinals linebacker Joey Porter has accused a California Highway Patrol officer of unlawfully striking him the night the former Steelers star was arrested on charges of drunken driving, battery on a peace officer and resisting arrest. Attorney Daniel Rodriguez claims that Officer Jeritt Greer was actually the aggressor, saying that he "hit Joey in the face." Porter's allegation is under investigation in the context of the whole incident and there is no internal affairs complaint or investigation against Officer Jeritt Greer, who arrested Porter early Saturday morning at a Taco Bell parking lot, according to Sgt. Larry McGuire.

    Source: Bakersfield Californian
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    Thank god we didnt sign him, he seems like a drama queen..not that we have ever had those on the team.:icon_rolleyes:
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    I've always thought Porter had a big mouth, even when he was with the Steelers.
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    Porter is a piece of crap...I wouldn't doubt this dude making it up that the Officer "unlawfully" slapped him. He probably was a complete butt and wasn't cooperating and then there was the report he slapped the officer's hand when he tried to unlock the door...he won't talk about any of that...just the officer may have "unlawfully" struck him trying to get his drunk butt out of the car.