Carey's Early Mock Draft

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    1. Indianapolis Colts-QB Andrew Luck(Stanford)-Elite QB prospect, comes from a pro style offense, very safe pick with tremendous upside(crazy to think you can say that). As good as a QB prospect as you can find.

    2. St Louis Rams-OT Matt Kalil(USC)-QB Sam Bradford spent last year beat up, drafting Kalil would go a long way in insuring that doesnt become a running theme. Kalil is an outstanding left tackle prospect who should challenge for Pro Bowls very early on in his career. The problem now becomes what to do you do with Roger Saffold.

    3. Minnesota Vikings-CB Morris Claiborne(LSU)-The Vikings took a step back defensively this past year, mainly because of their inability to cover(Ranked 26th vs the pass). Claiborne would help immediately, probably a better pure cover guy then last draft's top corner Patrick Peterson. He's not quite the athlete but he is, but who is? Claiborne is a very good athlete that offers ability as a return guy as well.

    4. Cleveland Browns-QB Robert Griffin III(Baylor)-Im not certain he'll be a Brown but this the spot i believe he'll be selected. Teams will be lining up to get a shot at the heisman winner. He needs to work on his delivery as well his pocket presence. He'll have a learning curve reading NFL defense and transitioning to a pro style offense but he has a live arm, can make plays with his legs.

    5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-RB Trent Richardson(Alabama)-The Bucs have Legarette Blount, a good back but Richardson is a special back and a complete player who doesnt have to come out on 3rd down. Him and Blount would give the Bucs a potent tandem with a physical running style that could be a staple of their offense. They also would be able to keep them both fresh

    6. Washington Redskins-WR Justin Blackmon(Oklahoma St.)-Blackmon is a talented player and a good compliment to what the Redskins already have at the position. In Mike Shanahan's offense Blackmon will have a chance to catch alot of intermediate passes and make plays after the catch.

    7. Jacksonville Jaguars-WR Michael Floyd(Notre Dame)-The Jags have no presence whatsoever at WR. Mike Thomas is a nice slot WR, Cecil Shorts is also an intriguing option in the slot but this team is desperate for starting caliber WR. Floyd can grow with QB Blaine Gabbert as his #1 target. He has all the tools physical to be an all-pro wideout.

    8. Miami Dolphins-OT Riley Reiff(Iowa)-Would give Miami a nice bookend to Jake Long. Reiff isnt the ideal RT size wise but has the run blocking prowess and nasty temperament to excel. With Kirk Ferentz as his head coach you know he's as well coached as a young lineman could be.

    9. Carolina Panthers-DT Michael Brockers(LSU)-The Panthers had a tough time stopping the run and they get arguably the best run stopper in this draft clbutt. Brockers has great size, instincts and is very nimble for a guy his size. He's still developing as a pass rusher but has the kind of upside to be as good as anybody as his position.

    10. Buffalo Bills-OLB Courtney Upshaw(Alabama)-The Bills still struggle to get after the QB without blitzing. Last year's first round pick Marcel Dareus led the team in sack last year with only 5.5 and former standout Shawne Merriman is often injured. Upshaw boosts their pass rush immediately and comes from a pro style 3-4 defense at Alabama. He also effectively sets the edge against the run.

    11. Kansas City Chiefs-G David DeCastro(Stanford)-The Chiefs will be looking to upgrade the guard position and they'll get the best one in this class here. This is a bit high for a guard but DeCastro is a guy that can start from day one and upgrade the position. He doesnt have elite power but grades out high in every other aspect. A bit more work in the weight room and he'll be a multiple pro bowl type of player.

    12. Seattle Seahawks-DE Quinton Coples(UNC)-Seattle really took a step in the right direction defensively but could use a bit more pass rush on the edge. Coples has great size and athleticism for the position and would fit in well with Seattle huge defense.

    13. Arizona Cardinals-OT Jonathan Martin(Stanford)-Arizona desperately needs to upgrade at offensive tackle and they are fortunate to have a quality one fall to them here. Martin excels in pass protection but needs to get stronger in order to match that as a run blocker.

    14. Dallas Cowboys-CB Dre Kirkpatrick(Alabama)-Dallas needs cover guys and Kirkpatrick falls to them because of his recent arrest for marijuana possesion. The Cowboys dont mind taking gambles on players at times and in this case i think the talent outweighs the risk. He can play press coverage with the best of them, can play effectively in zone but needs some work in off man.

    15. Philadelphia Eagles-ILB Luke Kuechly(Boston College)-Eagles had all sorts of trouble at linebacker last year. Kuechly gives them a instant upgrade, he can call the game, shed blocks, and doesnt have to come out on 3rd down. He's not a great athlete but he's a sneaky one, he'll get where he needs to on the field.

    16. New York Jets-DE Melvin Ingram(South Carolina)-The Jets have to get better creating pressure without blitzing, Ingram was a terror in the bowl game vs. Clemson and will carry that momentum over into the draft process. He does a good job shedding blocks and shows ability to set the edge thus enabling him to play the 3-4 outside linebacker position. Rex Ryan's defense plays alot of multiple fronts so he'll be put in a position to do what he does best, get to the QB.

    17. Cincinnati Bengals-CB Alfonzo Dennard(Nebraska)-Dennard will be a favorite of Mike Zimmer if he remains the defensive coordiantor in Cincy. He's a tough physical corner that will come up and tackle and excel in press coverage. He needs some work in off man but will be able to contribute from day one and eventually soften the blow of losing Jonathan Joseph.

    18. San Diego Chargers-DE Andre Branch(Clemson)-Antwan Barnes led the team in sacks last season with 11, the problem is he's a sub package rusher that doesnt offer anything else to a defense. They need more of a threat off the edge in their base packages. Branch is a gifted athlete that shows the ability to stack and shed and do the things necessary to play the 3-4 outside linebacker position in the pros.

    19. Chicago Bears-C Peter Konz(Wisconsin)-Chicago continues to try to sure up the offensive line here. Drafting Konz would enable the Bears to move Roberto Garzo back to guard and essentially strengthen two spots with one move.

    20. Tennesee Titans-G/T Cordy Glenn(Georgia)-The Titans run game fell to 31st in the league this past season. Glenn is a mauler who moves well for his size. He'll help CJ try to get back to 2K.

    21. Cincinnati Bengals-S Mark Barron(Alabama)-Cincy double dips in the secondary, Barron can step right in at SS from day 1. He's good in the box, not a ball hawk by any means but above average range, man coverage ability and instincts.

    22. Cleveland Browns-WR Kendall Wright(Baylor)-The Browns need a vertical receiver, He'll be an excellent compliment to Greg Little and Mohamed Massaquoi.

    23. Detroit Lions-CB Janoris Jenkins(North Alabama)-Jenkins talent too much to pass up here for the Lions. He has excellent athleticism and ball skills. He'll be an instant upgrade over what they have currently.

    24. Pittsburgh Steelers-ILB Vontaze Burfict(Arizona St.)-Perfect fit, a 34 thumper with the athleticism to be able to cover in space. A bit of a headcase but he'll be going to a strong locker room.

    25. Denver Broncos-DT Devon Still(Penn St.)-Denver could use a talent upgrade inside opposite Bunkley and Still falls right in their lap. Still is improving as a pass rusher as well as using his hands as a pass rusher, can anchor in the run game and has the upside to be as good as he wants to be.

    26. Houston Texans-WR Mohamed Sanu(Rutgers)-Anquan Boldin clone, Sanu would bring a sorely needed threat opposite Andre Johnson. he does everything well he just wont run a fast 40 time, but he'll play fast enough on the field.

    27. New England Patriots-WR Dwight Jones(UNC)-The Pats try to find what they lost in Randy Moss with Jones. Huge receiver that can naturally outrun coverage. He's come a long ways in all areas of his game and wont be asked to do a whole lot early on besides bring that game breaking threat on the outside.

    28. Green Bay Packers-LB Nick Perry(USC)-Packers defense to a big slide this past season partly because of a less effective pass rush. Clay Matthews saw his sacks fall but his pressures have been consistent. He needs help however and Perry can be that guy.

    29. Baltimore Ravens- ILB Dont'a Hightower(Alabama)-Ray Lewis is going strong at age 37 but cant play forever. The Ravens have had the luxury of not drafting high at this position but that is no longer the case. Hightower is a thunper, great in the box, great blitzer and adequate feel in zone coverage.

    30. San Fransico 49ers-WR Alshon Jeffrey(South Carolina)-The Niners need another threat outside, while he may not run by anyone he'll go up and get it over anybody. His body control and ability to locate the football is off the charts.

    31. New England Patriots-DE/OLB Whitney Mercilus(Illinois)-New England could use some help in the pass rush department. Mercilus is gonna need to be coached up and probably will only be able to play on 3rd downs early on but he does have pretty good upside.

    32. New York Giants-G/RT Kelechi Osemele(Iowa St.)-Osemele is a massive player who could eventually upgrade the guard position or play right tackle if James Brewer falters in the future. He'll be a huge asset in the run game.
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  2. K Train

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    i love you.
  3. CStevenson13

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    Carey's early mock draft, can someone change the title for me....the typo makes me sound like an old r&b singer lol
  4. CStevenson13

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    Ur welcome sir :icon_cheesygrin:...i want him b-more but to slip him past Pittsburgh would be pure homerism
  5. K Train

    K Train Do You Honeycutt?

    overall looks good...few comments:

    brockers to carolina is so good, i dont think its that great of a fit (love him at 5 tech) but at the same time thats exactly where his stock is going to be at the end of the day

    ashlon jeffrey probably wont be a first round pick, and if he is the niners would be dumb to take him, he and crabtree wouldnt compliment each other at all
  6. mike oxlong

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    a decade and a half later and people still put LB's to Eagles in the first round, lol
  7. 86WARD

    86WARD -

    And for a decade and a half, those people have been pretty much on target. The Eagles front office just refuses to listen...
  8. K Train

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    used to be WR too....clearly LB is their biggest glaring hole tho
  9. mike oxlong

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    don't get me wrong, I would LOVE kuechly at 15, but it won't happen. I bet they go OL/DL or take Tannehill. The Eagles are one of the most predictable first round pickers in the league. OL/DL or trade down are the safe picks. One thing though for sure, there is no way Still lasts that long. Also, Pitt is going Oline.
  10. Inclulbus

    Inclulbus WE ARE! .. Marshall!

    In these mock drafts, need to get some Vinny Curry love going on..
  11. mj1987us26

    mj1987us26 Super

    Curry will get the love once the season is over. Right now its all Luck and Manning.
  12. Steve12

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    Got it. :icon_thumright:
  13. He isn't going in rd 1
  14. great mock.
  15. Inclulbus

    Inclulbus WE ARE! .. Marshall!

    I figure he won't. I've seen a few mock drafts that have New England taking him with the last first round pick. When Marshall boys and the Patriots hook up, big things happen.

    And yeah, great mock. I'd love to see fitzpatrick fall to us.
  16. K Train

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    they may go oline but im not sure how they are going to feel about the likes of cordy glenn or mike adams. Im sure they would fall in love with konz, and maybe zeitler but i wouldnt want zeitler til round 2 (urbik nightmares, completelyt unjustified but i cant help it)

    glenn could grade out as a low motor 3rd round prospect...they were supposed to take duke robinson back a few years ago too.

    biggest needs for the steelers are G, MLB, FS, DT, T, RB, CB, K

    Could see them going

    Taze, Brandon Washington (who i love), and chapman
    Konz, Washington, Boykin
    Poe, Osemele, Brewster
    Adams, Taamu, Boykin
    Konz, Polk, Chapman

    anything along those lines, but saying they are going oline might be say theres a 75% chance they go interior oline, but they usually done reach unless your name is evander hood or kraig urbik
  17. bossco

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    Jeffrey to the 9ers would be a great addition to a week wr core especially once Morgan comes back.

    Droid x. 49ers
  18. ATL loves him. Could get him in rd2.
  19. CStevenson13

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    Thanks you sir

    Also thanks AW, means alot coming from the resident draft guru
  20. smeags

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    of course it makes sense for the eagles to take a LB in particular an ILB and that's why they most likely won't.

    i like the idea of tannehill but i have seen him projected to go in the 2nd round. possibly package the two 2nd's and move up to grab him.