Carroll Would Be Mistake For Falcons

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    Arthur Blank evidently has not learned his lesson, and Pete Carroll apparently is considering leaving a football paradise.

    Blank reportedly is trying to pry Carroll away from his college utopia at Southern California, a desperate attempt from the desperate owner of the Atlanta Falcons.

    But as bad as things have gotten in Atlanta, one has to wonder - what is Blank thinking? For that matter, what is Carroll thinking?

    Blank has looked to the college game for a coach before, a search which ended last January when the Falcons lured Bobby Petrino away from Louisville.

    The results were disastrous, as Petrino lasted less than a year in Atlanta before leaving the Falcons with a 3-10 record and in a state of leadership crisis.

    Perhaps Blank should have known better than to trust Petrino, who became the latest college guru to flop in the pro game.

    Petrino's pathetic and painful reign in Atlanta started just four days after Nick Saban, another celebrated college coach, spurned the Miami Dolphins to take the Alabama job.

    But Blank was not deterred by Saban's unceremonious departure, and he appears to be undiscouraged by Petrino's desertion.

    If Blank does ultimately land Carroll, the hiring will be viewed as a public relations splash for a franchise in dire need of some positive press. However, if history is any indication, Carroll will be hard-pressed to duplicate his college success in the NFL.
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    GIVE UP Blank! Carroll IS NOT leaving USC.
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    I'll be the coach. :smoke:
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    Are you sure Carroll would be a mistake for the Falcons?

    Sure seems that the Falcons would be a mistake for Carroll.

    There's really nothing about this that sounds like a good idea.