Certain NFL Fans, ESPNshop Jersey Sale.

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  1. Fricker 4

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    So ya i get the ESPN Shop newsletter, and right now they have Authentic Customized Jerseys on sale for certain teams in certain sizes.

    They go as Follows:

    New England Patriots: Size 56 $99.99
    58-60 $109.99

    Houston Texans: 54-56 $99.99
    58-60 109.99

    Tampa Bay Bucs: 58 $99.99

    St. Louis Rams: 48, 52 $99.99
    58-60 $109.99

    Atlanta Falcons: 52-60 $99.99

    Philadelphia Eagles : 58-60 $99.99

    They also have an urlacher Authetic for 99.99 and Chad Pennington

    Just figured i would share for those fans of these teams looking to get ready for the upcoming season.

    These are the jerseys that are made to the NFL Specifics, fully authentic and usually 239.99 to 349.99


    there is your link if you need it .
  2. Inclulbus

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    thats a beast thanks for the info
  3. Fricker 4

    Fricker 4 Crabtree fall to 10

    no prob, i figured i would post it hear and maybe help out a few people. I love the authentic Personalized Jerseys, i have a Fricker #4 in both home and away. Too bad they didnt have my team on the list, or i would have probably bought a Manny Lawson, since his is the jersey i plan on wearing this year.