Chad Greenway Saves Two Boaters In Minnesota

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    The world of sports outside of the field doesn’t always have positive stories involved with it. Monday was a different story as Minnesota Vikings linebacker Chad Greenway saw two boaters on Lake Minnetonka in trouble and decided to help. Greenway jumped into the water and helped push the boat to a safer area before it was tied up to be towed away. It was a very windy day in Minnesota on Monday and Greenway saw Crystal and Edward Alexis having trouble after their steering failed. Greenway even drove the couple back to their boat and car after getting them out of the water which makes […]

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    Good to hear a nice story.
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    glad everyone got out ok. anyone remember joe delaney? all pro athletes aren't d-bags. there are some good ones around.
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    The Joe Delaney story is a very sad one.