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  1. Fricker 4

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    There was a very very good segment on NFL Network today. Chad Johnson was the special guest. He was very sentimental about this situation. Jamie Dukes, Woodson, and Rich Eisen tried to get him to talk about the situation with cincy. He said he has already spot his peace and is done with talking about that.

    Chad said the main thing he wants is CHANGE. He wants to see the grass green again. Says its not about the money, its all about change. He loves the guys in cincy, carson, TJ, rudi, they know what he is going through. Its about winning, and the franchise is just going backwards. He said if he goes some where and the grass isnt green. He will get the miracle gro and make it green.

    He mentioned he is a team player, but he needs a new start and needs to do it for Chad. You could tell he was starting to tear up just thinking about the situation. He had them pan the camera in on him and you could tell he was about to cry with the tone of his voice. He even said he feels like it but will not because he isnt gonna allow NFL Network to make fun.

    Last main thing he said was that if things dont change, he might just pack up and be done. You might see him on NFL Network. But if he stays with the bengals this year you are going to get the same ocho you always do. No matter what that will not change.

    That was the main part about him being on NFL Network..

    Other things they mentioned were Chad vs Rod (Woodson)

    Chad said even with Rod Woodson in his prime that he would have straight up embarrassed him. Rod replied by laughing and saying he is confident, you need that in this game. He said i dont talk trash, then Rich checked Rod and was like oh really and mentioned a few things. Chad also said he could take primetime as well. Because Primetime has a weakness, but he wont reveal what that is.

    So ya overall its pretty sad situation and i hope stuff gets worked out for chad.
  2. 86WARD

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    Rod Woodson would've schooled Johnson...Christ, Ike Taylor makes Johnson look silly.

    Woodson is one of the Best CB's ever...if not the best. That's Rod Woodson...not Charles.

    I saw some of that...Chad doesn't really seem like he wants anything to do with Cincinnati anymore.
  3. Marion Who?

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    Typical type of those interviews, doesn't give anything away, just speculates and speculates without accumulating. Funny to watch, he's such an idiot. Making a guess, but by any chance is his agent Drew the happy Rosenhaus?

    End of the day, he'll be leaving Cincy and hopefully going somewhere, shutting up and playing.

    BTW, loved the little quote from Dukes (IIRC)

    "I want change man". "What, like Randy and T.O.?"

  4. Sweets

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    Chad isn't an idiot, I think Rich Eisen just needed to stop asking that ONE question and when Chad told him that he had already stated his position Rich kept on trying to ask him the same question by disguising it in the form of other questions, I mean dude, he said he's not answering that question again, shut up already.

    It's funny that you have the biggest talker on your team yet you say Chad needs to shut
  5. 49erGenius

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    It's interesting how some fans think Chad Johnson is an egotistical jerk, and yet on NFL Network, comes out like he's a swell guy who's unselfish.
  6. PurplePeopleEaters

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    actually, johnson gets a bad wrap...what's he really done that's so bad? he wants to win. aside from his goofy td celebrations, he's not bad at all!
  7. Marion Who?

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    T.O. Talks the talk, and walks the walk. Just because San Fran sucked when he was there, ooops still do now... :icon_rolleyes:
  8. Ridin Burgundy

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    So does Chad.
  9. Marion Who?

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    Not saying he doesn't, but T.O has been pretty quiet in the last 2 years, because he found a franchise that he liked. Funnily enough, T.O. has somewhat matured since his younger years.
  10. burnout2oo7

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    Not being able to win a playoff game would shut me up, too.
  11. KJ3

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    hahaha burn!
  12. 86WARD

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    CJ's antics have really been harmless in the big scheme of things. So the guy is into self promotion...there's not a lot of wide receivers in this league that aren't.

    If his "antics" are affecting the team, whomever that leader or leaders are need to step up and end it. That locker room really needs to police itself. There's only so much the coaching staff can do. Some of the explayers on the NFL Radio were talking about this today. A coach can sit the guy down, but when it comes to dances and antics on the field, the players really need to stop that stuff if it's affecting the team.

    The guy shows up to play every week, you can't fault him for that..he really is an outstanding receiver. He backs up his antics...

    I feel from listening to this piece, at this point...Johnson is pretty adamant about being somewhere else next season. Is he going to hold out? If he can afford to lose $5M...he'll sit out. If he wants $5M he'll show up and play every week. I'm thinking he shows and plays...the guy loves football.
  13. Ridin Burgundy

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    :icon_cheesygrin: Atleast he then gets to sit down with his popcorn and watch the rest at home.
  14. brakos82

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    Chad just needs Astro-turf if he's gonna snitch about the grbutt... :icon_mrgreen:
  15. Fricker 4

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    Cough Cough HOMEER!!!
  16. 86WARD

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    A little bit homer...a little bit reality.

  17. nastynate184

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    i love ocho cinco. i think his crap is funny and harmless in the big scheme of things. he is one of the elite receivers in the league and i enjoy watching him play when i have the chance. i just hope he dosen't pull a randy moss and not play hard because he is not happy with his situation.
  18. Fricker 4

    Fricker 4 Crabtree fall to 10

    I dont think you have to worry about that. He already stated, No matter where he is you will get the same Ocho week in and week out. He may not be happy but he does realize this is a business. Its funny how people talk about Housh.. I mean ya Housh is a good WR. But you take chad out of Cincy and TJ becomes #1 and gets all the attention from DBs= Production goes down.
  19. nastynate184

    nastynate184 Fuck Michigan

    I really don't think TJ would have ever put up anywhere near those numbers with out Ocho on the other side of him
  20. 86WARD

    86WARD -

    I agree with you Nate. They role the coverage to TJ and have Chris Henry as the Number Two...not nearly the production. Who would be their #3??

    I can't see him leaving this season.