CHAOS BALL: The 2021 Seattle Mariners

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    Here we are, half a game back in the wild card, 4 games behind the Astros for the AL West, with 3 games to go. The first postseason berth in 20 years is closer than ever.

    Experts say this shouldn't be possible. The Ms have a run differential of a 70-win team. Yet they've been incredibly lucky or incredibly resilient in 1-run games.

    I have been watching the past couple of weeks. More than a few times it happened that just when you thought they were done, they just crawled back in and pull-off the comeback or the upset. It has been amazing to watch. Mariners twitter call it "CHAOS BALL" referring to things that shouldn't be happening are indeed happening. This is the Impossible Team. This is a mystery. And I'm loving every season on it.

    Here we are, the final series of the regular season...just need to win one more than the Red Sox to earn a trip to the Bronx in the wild card game.

    Can't wait.
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    Wow. I didn't even realize that they moved within a half game of the 2nd wild card spot. Go M's!

    The Phillies choked away their shot at the playoffs the last two games. About to be 11 years since they last made the playoffs. Ugh.
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    Yeah. It's been a roller-coaster season. I quit too early, back in May they were no-hit twice in 10 days or something and I was like "great, here we go again".

    Then they finally called up Kelenic who had a slow start but looks like he's starting to fine his stride, then the FO made a few moves that were highly questioned at the time, but they worked!! They really worked!! Half a game back in the last weekend of the season. No matter what happens, I learned my lesson: May is still to early to quit on your baseball team.
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    AL wildcard race is bonkers.

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    Well, the Mariners fell short...again. But they were still alive in the last day of the season, game 162 actually meant something, and had their first 90-win season since 2003. So yeah, I think the re-build has worked, and next year this team should go head-to-head with the Astros.
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