Charlie Strong, Ed Orgeron and the Thanksgiving weekend that was...

Discussion in 'NCAA Football Talk' started by SportsChump, Nov 28, 2016.

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    My good buddy J-Dub just wrote a post where he used the plot of “A Fish Called Wanda” to explain to us that professional sports are a nasty business.

    I’m not quite sure why he spent his holiday weekend telling us something we already knew unless he was just continuously rewinding the part where Jamie Lee Curtis strips down to her skivvies, which in and of itself is time well spent.

    Despite both being beautiful in nature, we didn’t need J-Dub’s words or J-Lee’s curves to remind us professional sports are about the bottom line. All we needed to do was pay attention.

    Carry on at:
  2. ragman

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    IMO, 3 years isn't long enough to build a successful college football program. If Herman doesn't make UT a winner in 3 years, what is UT gonna do? Fire him too? If so, the cycle begins all over again.
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    Houston started off strong (no pun intended) then kinda s**t the bed.

    Big 12 is down. Texas should be running away with that conference or at least challenging Oklahoma for it.

    Not so sure if Herman's gonna be the guy to turn things around but he's the one who they picked to, so I guess we shall see.

    Either way, a miserable McConaughey is always okay with me.
  4. ragman

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    Houston's run defense is awful. Look at the teams they lost to, and look at how much those teams gained on the ground.
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    So Texas has that going for them... which is nice.
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    I take it you're not a Horns fan?
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    Florida alum here, Rag.

    I have no feelings toward Texas one way or the other.