Charlie Weis Is Returning To The Patriots....For Advice

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    I was stricken with depression this weekend. You see, after Notre Dame beat Duke on Saturday for their second win of the season, and first at home, there was a great inner conflict inside my soul.

    On one hand I was happy that the Irish actually won a game, but at the same time I was depressed by the fact a victory over Duke caused so much happiness.

    It's just been an absolutely gut-wrenching season to be a Notre Dame fan in 2007. I keep searching for possible answers to all the problems the team has, but I can't find any. Jimmy Clausen has performed well lately, but it all came in garbage time against Air Force and against Duke. That's not exactly a sign of greatness to come.

    Charlie Weis is also searching for answers, and his search is going to take him back to New England. Charlie wants to talk with his old buddies about what he's doing wrong in South Bend.

    Charlie Weis will do some serious self-evaluation after this season. Then the Notre Dame coach will let his old coaching buddies on the New England Patriots put their two cents in.

    "I think that those guys would have no problem telling me what things I did right and what things I did wrong," Weis said Sunday. "I think those resources, those people, because we're close enough and have a very close relationship won't be afraid of saying to me, 'What the heck are you doing?' And that's what I want. I want somebody to be able to tell me, to say it like that. And I know that those guys would do that."

    I'm not sure what the Patriots could tell Charlie though. I mean, other than start taping your opponent's practices and find another Tom Brady.

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