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  1. Stinger75

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    Chiefs will suck this year... O-Line is full of holes, and some old holes. I predict this O-Line will look worse that the Raiders O-Line last year and the year before.
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    I can see you guys having three wins this year ...Lions,Bi-queens and Fudge Packers (oh my):icon_wink:
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    The Broncos have ended alot of defenders' seasons and even careers with that cut-block crap, that most teams have the scruples to employ, in the way that the Broncos have been doing, for years, now. The NFLPU has been voicing their concern, about the matter, for years. The fact that defensive linemen and defensive players, in general, aren't as popular, as quarterbacks and recievers, keeps the league from banning cut-blocks. They are cheap-shot artists. I don't care who won what games. I just can't stand that the Broncos have refused to do the right thing.
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    Oh man, another one living in a world of delusion.
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    Another bitter Chefs fan that is full of crap. Why don't you just name one or two of those supposed players who's career ended at the hands of the Denver cutback block.... Why didn't you answer the first question either. How many penalties has Denver or any other team had for illegal crack back blocks the past few years.... You are a Democrat aren't you. One of those weenies that will believe anything the media will tell you just so you have a bone to chew on. Grow up and look at the facts, then make decisions on your own.... looser.
  6. Stinger75

    Stinger75 It's Showtime, Folks!

    Just an opinion... Bottom line is you can't do anything without an O-line... Heck, even Barry Sanders had at least 1 pro-bowl o-lineman.
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    ouch i bet that hurt :grabs some popcorn and kicks back to watch the fireworks:

    haha that was pretty solid
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    Her is a list of season-ending injuries, caused by the Broncos offensive linemen. It's from 2004, or 2005. I'm still looking.

    Blocks by Broncos offensive linemen have ended a number of players' seasons in recent years:

    Oct. 25, 2004: Cincinnati defensive tackle Tony Williams suffered a broken ankle when cut block by Broncos right tackle George Foster.

    Sept. 19, 2004: Jacksonville defensive end Paul Spicer suffered a broken leg on a low block by Broncos left tackle Matt Lepsis.

    Dec. 1, 2002: San Diego defensive tackle Jamal Williams suffered a dislocated ankle when blocked from behind by Broncos guard Steve Herndon.

    Oct. 28, 2001: New England linebacker Bryan Cox suffered a broken leg on a play involving Broncos right guard Dan Neil. Cox said he was clipped in the back of his leg by Neil; Neil denied hitting Cox.

    Oct. 21, 2001: San Diego defensive lineman Maa Tanuvasa suffered a broken ankle on a cut block by Lepsis. (This guys career was done, after this cheap-shot.)
    I also found this. This was a "high-low" thing, when one Broncos O-lineman went face-to-face with a defender, while a second, threw his entire body-weight at the engaged defenders calf. This was the most contemptuous act, that I have ever witnessed, on the playing field, at any level. And it ended the career of a former teammate.

    And this is another piece, on the same incident.

    "People know when they play us we're going to play hard and we're going to cut," tight end Dwayne Carswell said. "That's just something we do. We're a cutting team. You don't try to hit someone illegally, but in certain situations it happens like that. We don't do it with the intent of hurting anybody."

    Intent or not, the technique put an end to the season for San Diego Chargers defensive lineman Maa Tanuvasa, who ironically spent six years on the Broncos roster before being released earlier this year.

    Two weeks ago Tanuvasas former teammate Matt Lepsis used a cut block during the third quarter, which resulted in Tanuvasas broken ankle.

    "It was a dirty shot," defensive tackle Leonardo Carson told reporters. "It seemed like they tried to pay him back for him coming here after they cut him. It looked like it was a bad deal, especially when we looked on the film, and it really wasn't called

    Anyway, They are regularly guilty of "dirty" play. Cut blocks are legal, but even the Broncos know that it is very dangerous. Leg-whips are another "dirty" technique used by them.
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    Of course you can't do anything without an O-line....but the point I'm making one knows how good or bad this one will be until they get on the field.
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    But we can make some guesses...

    I'd tell you what mine is, but you know... what's yours?
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    If Turley is really back to form, then the fact is that he and Chris Terry have both been pro-bowl OTs. There is a faint glimer of hope, for the Chiefs offensive line. Especially if Damien Macintosh can improve his pass-blocking to match his excellent run-blocking.
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    I actually feel pretty positive about the season...if the team lets me down, well, it won't be the first time, or the last, I'm sure. :icon_biggrin: