Chiefs CBs Law, Surtain Look to Prove Age Doesn't Matter

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    Source: Adam Teicher, The Kansas City Star [ Full Story ]

    Maybe it's because of their advanced age, but Ty Law and Patrick Surtain take exception to suggestions they're too old to play cornerback for the Chiefs. "You might look at us and say we're on the downside of our career, but just because you hit 30 doesnt mean anything," Law said. "I played with a cornerback that was 38 years old. I'm 33. He started in the Super Bowl and played well. Otis Smith. "So as far as I'm concerned, Ive got five good years left if I want to still play."
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    god **mn, Law's thinking of playing CB until he's 38? Man, that is ancient for a CB.
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    Hey, if a guy can play that long, it's all good.