Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid Regrets Not Getting The Ball To RB Jamaal Charles More

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    Chiefs coach Andy Reid admitted early this season that he was negligent by not getting the ball to running back Jamaal Charles more. A month later, Reid still has work to do on that front.

    Reid admitted that as he reviews last week’s loss to the 49ers, he realizes that “We could’ve done a better job of giving him more carries.”

    The Chiefs had three third-and-1 plays against the 49ers and passed on all of them. Two of those passes were incompletions followed by punts. One of those punts gave the 49ers the ball back for the long, clock-killing drive they used to seal the win in the fourth quarter.

    “If I had to do it all over again, and this is hindsight, I’d probably come back and hand it to him, and given him an opportunity to make a play,” Reid said, via the Associated Press.

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    Ha ha.....same old Andy.
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    *clears throat - i gotta do a better job at that.
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