Chiefs LB Derrick Johnson Out For Eagles Game?

Discussion in 'Kansas City Chiefs' started by Harvs01, Sep 24, 2009.

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    Kansas City Chiefs Linebacker Derrick Johnson, who’s made at least one big play in both games so far this year, says a pulled groin muscle will keep him out of Sunday’s game at Philadelphia. Johnson, a four-year starter whose playing time has been reduced by coach Todd Haley, said Thurdsay he was hurt in the final minutes of Sunday’s loss to Oakland. He had an interception and a long return that set up a touchdown in the opener and an early sack of JaMarcus Russell against the Raiders.

    Source: Associated Press
  2. bandi

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    That really sucks.
  3. markaz

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  4. bandi

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    Well, we can always hope someone else steps up....and hopefully, they'll cut down on the damn penalties...:icon_eek:
  5. 86WARD

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    LeSean McCoy will have a field day...
  6. bandi

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    Just hush Ward...we don't need to hear anymore out of you. :icon_cheesygrin:
  7. warcrychief

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    well our D-line didnt look 2 bad last game.
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    Yeah, I'm not feeling too bad about this...he wasn't playing full time anyway. Just adds to the disappointment that is DJ.
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    Hey better than losing your starting QB for a game.
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    Yeah not a huge loss if he doesn't start.
  11. warcrychief

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    Not when your team was on game away from the SB and we were a few plays away from being like the Lions last year.