Chiefs, QB Alex Smith At Impasse

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    The Chiefs ultimately gave up a pair of second-round picks to get quarterback Alex Smith. They may not be willing to give up a ton of cash to keep him.

    Smith tells Tom Pelissero of USA Today that the first overall pick in the 2005 draft isn’t interested in a contract with the same structure as the deals signed this year by 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton.

    Asked whether Smith, who turned 30 earlier this year, would sign Dalton’s six-year, $96 million extension with $18 million in escalators that pays out $25 million over the first two years and then becomes a year-to-year proposition, Smith basically said no. But with more words.

    “That’s a tough question,” Smith said. “Certainly, I think it’s a tough thing. I look at both Andy and Kap and they’re both on their rookie deals. They’re both second-round picks in the new rookie wage scale, so what were their salaries? It’s a very different situation for me. This whole new rookie wage scale, with these young guys getting re-upped, it’s kind of a different element, because they’re in a far different situation than the guys used to be. If you were an early pick, it used to be your contract was top-tier anyway. It’s different to kind of mix the two.”

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    what I take from his statement is that they were second rounders that has so far did pretty well. Meanwhile he as a number one overall pick, who hasn't really done anything at all, wants to get more guaranteed money because he is one game away from regressing to an average qb. And at his age, this is probably his last contract so he wants to cash in. Personally I don't think he is worth Dalton money. More like a 5 year 65-70 million deal. Still too much for him though. If he could take over a game by himself beasting out then he would be worth more.