Childress Leaves Hawks For Greek Team

Discussion in 'Basketball Talk' started by RonMexico7, Jul 23, 2008.

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    I was blown away when I heard this. A couple of things. From what I've heard, the front office basically told him to go out and find an offer, and we'lll match it. Which to me said "We aren't going to over pay you, so go get an offer so we can figure out the market value." Not a good move by Hawks ownership, imo. Now Josh Smith has all the leverage. The Hawks can't afford to lose him, especially since they had no draft picks this past draft.

    I wonder if Childress' agent informed him of all the adjusting he is going to have to do while living in Europe.
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    ^ I think he's got about 33 million, tax-free things to help him with his adjustment. From some articles I've read about this, he may be the pioneer for solid bench guys to go over to Europe where they can be the star and make more money. Of course living in a Mediterranean country wouldn't be too bad either.
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    The part I bolded was never said. We basically told him, and I quote, "Go out and find another offer." And that's what Childress did. Out of frustration, I think Childress really made his decision to abandon this organization due to the terrible ownership. I've waited a long time to evaluate this situation to hear from both sides, but I can't help but to side with Childress knowing how cheap the Atlanta Spirit Group is. It's sad because from what I can understand about Chillz, hearing his interviews and such, he really wanted to stay here, but the Atlanta front office was "dragging their feet" (heard from his interview at PTI).

    I think Chillz will be hard to replace. I doubt we'll replace him by just one player, but in order for Atlanta to get the production that Childress always gave, our entire bench must step up and do their job. I'm speaking Evans, Law, Morris, Pachulia, and yes, even Speedy Claxton.

    I'm goin to miss you, Chillz. Hope you have fun over there in Greece!
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    ^ Totally agree. If we could get our basketball and football teams up to par we should be able to sign just about any free agent we want because black athletes love Atlanta. It's a shame we have been sorry at everything but baseball for so long.
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    You're right about Atlanta. Every one loves staying there, but the weird thing is... no one wants to play there because of the terrible owners that we have.