Chris Chambers available?

Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins' started by Zac, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. Zac

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    Adam Schefter reported on the NFLNetwork that Chambers is on the block and that if they don't find a deal he could possibly be released.


    I doubt it ever happens but if he were released, there is a good chance he could end up in Buffalo sense him and Lee Evans are such good friends. I'm dreaming though...
  2. Zac

    Zac go straight to hell boy..

  3. efunk_adelic

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    he had a great season 2 years ago... wtf happened?
  4. Zac

    Zac go straight to hell boy..

    He plays for the Dolphins.
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    You're good...I was going to go back and close the thread and then there were like three posts in there. I closed the news thread and moved the posts in here. It's what we usually do when a story gets scooped outside of the news forum. That way the story still shows up in our news feeds and there is a link to the already existing discussion.

    Back to topic....I wouldn't mind giving up a 3rd round pick to see him in Tennessee. Lord knows we need some WR help and He hasn't exactly had the best QB play to help him out.
  6. efunk_adelic

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    I looked up his game by game play during the 2005 season. He had a good stretch: game 12: 6 catches 101 yds. against Oakland, game 13: 15 catches 238 yds. 1 TD against Buffalo, game 14: 8 catches 121 yds 2 TD's. against San Diego. I think I added him to my ff team too late to help me!
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  8. BoltzRule

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    Cam must not like him, or he must think his boy Ginn will do something as a receiver.
  9. efunk_adelic

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    we lost an important game which knocked us out of the playoffs! maybe he still has a grudge. :shrug:
  10. CaptainSug

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    I want Chris Chambers in my pants on the Bears
  11. BoltzRule

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    He's a good player though, Cam must not like his off the field actions though. Still don't see it being smart to deal one of their offensive weapons when they aren't loaded.