Chuck Pagano Says Colts 'Are Not Talking About Rebuilding'

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    The Indianapolis Colts were not shy about showing the door to a long list of aging veterans this offseason, but don't call it a rebuilding year. Coach Chuck Pagano dismissed the "R" word on Saturday. "I got asked the question many times about (rebuilding) and all I told them was that it is next man up. We know we've lost some great players and there has been turnover here -- huge change," Pagano told reporters in comments released by the team. "The culture and the dynamics are totally different, so we've just raised the bar. The expectations are way up here. We said, 'You wouldn't be sitting in this room if someone didn't see something in you. So it is next man up. Get yourself ready to go, learn what you are supposed to do and somebody in here is going to be the next Dallas Clark and somebody is going to be the next Joseph (Addai). Someone will take their place; it happens all of the time.' Said Pagano: "Rebuilding though, we are not talking about rebuilding. Ever."

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    well, you may not be talking about it, but you are
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    Yea right. Delusional much? After last season he better rethink that statement.