Chuck Pagano Says Colts Will Not Rest Starters Against Texans

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    Back on his first opponent conference call since being diagnosed with leukemia in September, Colts coach Chuck Pagano made clear there was no decision to be made about which of his players would play Sunday.

    The Colts will not rest their starters against the Texans in Indianapolis.

    “It’s a 16 game season and this is the last game of the season,†Pagano said. “We set some goals for ourselves a long time ago and watching what this team has done in my absence for the last three months, at this point we owe it to ourselves, this community, our fans and our city. It’s just not in our DNA to go out and say we’re going to rest this guy or that guy.â€

    The Texans can earn the top seed with a win on Sunday. A loss could knock them down to the third seed.

    The Colts, meanwhile, at 10-5 will be the fifth seed in the AFC whether they win or lose against the Texans but they’re looking forward to keeping their momentum going.

    “I’m all for it, that’s what I signed up for,†receiver Reggie Wayne said. “Didn’t expect it no other way.â€

    Source: Houston Chronicle
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    well, the starters may play most or all of the game but if some of them are dinged up and need some rest, it would be stupid not to rest them and give them time to heal up before january.