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    I sent a bunch of friends the same, exact text on the Saturday evening that Joe Burrow made sure everyone in America knew his name.

    I was behind the bar and as a general rule, it’s bad policy to use your cellphone when you’re supposed to be paying attention to customers… but the football fireworks display Joe Burrow was putting on was too good not to share.

    I asked people one question.

    With LSU’s Joe Burrow making a mockery of Oklahoma’s defense, accounting for seven touchdowns and 400 yards passing… IN THE FIRST HALF OF PLAY, I asked simply this:

    Complete the following sentence: Joe Burrow is the best college, NFL-ready quarterback I have seen since _______.

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    Thre seems to be one every decade:

    1980s John Elway
    1990s Peyton Manning
    2000s Nobody (Eli perhaps?)
    2010s Andrew Luck
    2020s Joe Burrow? Trevor Lawrence?

    (I mean, for the fact that they're regarded as the "best NFL-ready prospect since..." <<guy above>>)
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    One would think NFL GMs would shoot a higher percentage from the floor.

    Just sayin'.
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    Truth is most of the GMs and scouts in the NFL have no idea what they're doing. You and I could take one of those jobs and get the same results. Ever played franchise in Madden?

    The draft is a crapshoot...
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    From the looks of it, John Lynch knows exactly what he's doing.
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    Meh...what if he goes 4-12 next year again?
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    I'm not sure I see that sort of drop-off.
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    He will for giving cash to NCAA athletes.

    No, wait...

    The athletes will :rolleyes
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