Clinton Portis Eager to Put 2006 Behind Him

Discussion in 'Washington Redskins' started by wide right, Jul 28, 2007.

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    There is nothing about 2006, the year in which he had his worst season and team expectations rose and plummeted, about which Clinton Portis cares to reminisce. Wearing a gray T-shirt, shorts, flip-flops and a beige towel around his neck, Portis was ever flamboyant, centering his first comments on the future, on vowing to avoid controversy off the football field while striving to again be relevant on it, as the Washington Redskins opened training camp yesterday.

    The man legendarily known for hating practice -- Portis said yesterday if given his way, he would turn the preseason into a "resort" to ensure he would be healthy for the season -- said he would temper those sentiments, caring no longer to be what he called an "outcast" among his teammates. Apparently wounded by the furious public reaction to his cavalier comment about dogfighting nearly two months ago when the allegations surrounding Atlanta quarterback Michael Vick arose, Portis said he would restrict his public comments to only himself.

    But the most revelatory element of Portis's far-ranging, 21-minute interview was his belief that his injuries -- he said he has recovered completely from shoulder, hand and knee injuries suffered last season and during organized team activities -- were the result of a dangerous combination: a lack of attitude on his part and an intense Redskins practice and cultural regimen that left him drained of his football spirit.

    Source: Howard Bryant, Washington Post
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    Portis definitley had an off year last year, he'll have to rebound. Ladell Betts is a good back-up running back though. I've seen Portis try to act like the teams "class clown" a couple times. He'll dress up all weird, wear wigs, and just plain out act crazy, the whole comment on the whole Michael Vick dog thing made him look like an butthole though.
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    Yes he had an off-year but if he is fully recovered from the shoulder injury he should be back to his best this year
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    If healthy and not make dumb comment Portis could help the skins big time.
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    Portis is one of those guys who says what he feels, it's not always the 'team line' and sometimes, it certainly doesn't help but on the field, he is still a very effective weapon.

    His off year is because of injuries, when he actually played, he was still very effective. Look at games versus the Texans, Jags and Cowboys. He also averaged a TD a game in the games he played.