Coach Brad Childress, Brett Favre To Meet Tonight

Discussion in 'Minnesota Vikings' started by lionheart?, May 6, 2009.

  1. lionheart?

    lionheart? StafFORD=Franchise

    Candlelight dinner I persume.
  2. hermhater

    hermhater Guest

    He must be feeling like this again:

  3. 86WARD

    86WARD -

    I hear MediaGuy packing his bags and heading to the airport!
  4. MediaGuy

    MediaGuy Ball So Hard University

    There is no flight out of BWI to Hattiesberg tonite, I did check though.:icon_cheesygrin:
  5. 86WARD

    86WARD -

    You'd better have a fast car bro. :wink:
  6. hermhater

    hermhater Guest

    Have they been spotted out on the town yet, or is he going over to his house for dinner?
  7. Inclulbus

    Inclulbus WE ARE! .. Marshall!

    uhm, wheres the live feed for the play by play of whats going on ??
  8. 86WARD

    86WARD -

    I'm sure Madden's been called in to help broker the deal...
  9. DawkinsINT

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    Right now one of them is in bed smoking a cigarette, while the other is in the shower bending over trying to clean out his butthole.

    Hard to tell who is doing which....
  10. Jihad Joe

    Jihad Joe Life to Infidels

    I think it was Farve's turn to wear the strapon tonite, so Brad should be in the shower
  11. DawkinsINT

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    Brett: I want to come back to the NFL. You're lucky that I've chosen the Vikes to be the team I want to come back to. My arm may be in shambles, but I can still gimp it to AP. So bend that butt over.

    Brad: T-Jack put up better numbers than you last year, and with your age and lack of working out, we're better off with him. If you want to join this squad, you need to be my snitch.

    Brett: Do you think the head brass hasn't heard the fans opinion of you as a head coach? Do you know how many jerseys I will sell to bring them money and help protect your job?

    Brad (bending over): Goddammitt!
  12. JBrett

    JBrett Training Camp Body

    Looking forward to the up-to-the-second coverage on this.

  13. DaBearsrule4ever

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    Different year, same old Brett Favre BS.

    ENDZONE 1st Stringer

    I am not sure if the meeting went down or if it got over real fast but Chili is in Minnesota this morning at 7 o clock so who knows whats going on
  15. Linebacker

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    Nothing is going on it is all isignificant until he is signed or not until then.....