Colts First Team Players To Be Showcased Vs Lions

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    The Colts will show off their front-line players for an extended time this afternoon in Detroit against the Lions. "Oftentimes teams will not show everything they are going to do during the course of the season," Caldwell said. "They don't want to give the opposition any prior notice." Yet if a team has made changes during the offseason, it must give players every opportunity to acclimate themselves to those changes. On defense, the Colts have been more aggressive -- with more blitzing -- during the first two preseason games than in previous seasons. "For the most part, if you're going to use something, you better practice it in this league," New Defensive Coordinator Jim Caldwell said. "It's not something you can unveil the week that you're preparing for a team and expect to be good at it. There is a delicate balance."

    Source: Indianapolis Star