Colts Jim Caldwell Says Colts Are Work In Progress

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    With nearly one week of training camp in the books for the Indianapolis Colts, Jim Caldwell likes the way his team has come together in a short period of time. But the first-year head coach says that the Colts remain very much a work in progress. “Things have gone along fairly well. We think we’ve gotten most things done that we want to try and get accomplished at this time. We certainly haven’t done as well as we’d like. But that is what practice is for. But I think things are progressing nicely,†Caldwell said after Thursday’s special teams workout. “One of the things we talk about is that we want to make certain that we come out and have a little bit better practice than we had the practice before. That, indeed, is the key. You don’t want to repeat mistakes. And I think our guys have been doing a pretty good job of minimizing those things. We’re going to have a few busts here and there. But as time goes on, the closer we get to game time, obviously we want to eliminate those things that will beat us.â€

    Source: Tribune Star