Colts QB Jim Sorgi Misses Second Day Of Practice

Discussion in 'Indianapolis Colts' started by SRW, Nov 13, 2009.

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    Colts quarterback Jim Sorgi, Peyton Manning's backup, missed a second straight day of practice Thursday with an injury to his right shoulder. If Sorgi can't play then rookie Curtis Painter would be the No. 2 quarterback Sunday. Sorgi was on hand for the early portion of Wednesday's practice but left the field accompanied by a trainer. "He felt a little tweak and we thought better to examine it and find out if there's any problem," coach Jim Caldwell said.

    Source: Indianapolis Star
  2. hermhater

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    They still win.
  3. wide right

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    I hope he's healed by Week 17 when he's due to play.
  4. Crowned

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    That's how I feel, they are strong enough at other positions to win even if Sorgi can't go.
  5. DontKnowMe

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    They are really going to miss him.
  6. cpgobrowns

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    I hate you Jim Sorgi:icon_evil:
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    Damn, I bet they're really missing someone like Jeff George right about now.
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    I see.

    Such hate...

    Give in to the Dark Side cp...

  11. theeraser21

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    Dont hate da playa, hate da game
  12. cpgobrowns

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    Is it wrong that I see a Ravens logo on the side of his hood?
  13. brakos82

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    Why is Bud Adams wearing a Ravens hood? :think:
  14. cpgobrowns

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    It's a conspiracy.