Colts QB Peyton Manning Flustered By Coaching Changes

Discussion in 'Indianapolis Colts' started by wide right, May 26, 2009.

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    The on-going uncertainty surrounding the Indianapolis Colts offensive coaching staff, coupled with a lack of communication regarding that uncertainty, isn't setting well with quarterback Peyton Manning. "I can't tell you what's going on,'' Manning said during a break for one of the team's organized team activity sessions today at its Westside complex. "I will say I don't think it's been the most properly communicated scenario around here.''Tom Moore, coordinator since 1998, and Howard Mudd, the offensive line coach since '98, each retired earlier this month because of concerns with the NFL's pension plan. Owner Jim Irsay plans to bring them back as consultants, ideally for the start of training camp on Aug. 2.

    Source: Mike Chappell,
  2. falcon_91

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    Its not like they've had a major overhaul. Alot of promotion from within, and people coming back as advisers not co-ordinators from what i can tell.

    If he gets flustere dby this imagine what he'd do if he was on the broncos :L
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    The most underrated loss was Ron Meeks. That dude made the Colts have the best secondary statistically last season
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    It's got to be a little tough for Peyton. He knows what he's doing out there and there was a confidence between coach and player that didn't need to be proven. With whomever the new guy is, he's going to have to trust Peyton knows what he's doing and vice versa...Peyton's one of a kind out there on the field as far as play calling goes...

    He's probably just flustered because the "loose ends" aren't tied up yet...
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    It sounds like he is more frustrated by the lack of communication than the coaching changes.The guy is a perfectionist. He doesn't like loose ends.
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    From what I have heard is they can not return to the team till November.
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    It'll be nice to see him possibly flustered in the pocket this year.
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    this just might get him injured this year. lack of communication and uncertainty . thats how accidents happen. i dont wish it on him just, that what happens
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    I can't imagine this will effect his play much. If anyone can handle this it's him.