Colts QB Peyton Manning May Demand Trade If Team Drafts Andrew Luck

Discussion in 'Indianapolis Colts' started by SRW, Dec 10, 2011.

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    According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, when Colts quarterback Peyton Manning spoke to CBS on Sunday, he was asked by James Brown if he was OK with the Colts picking Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck, as they inevitably will, and Manning said: "Questions will answer themselves in the spring. I haven't had the chance to think about 2012. In December of 2011, we're trying to get a win." Gracefully sidestepping the question was Manning's way of avoiding a question that does not need to be answered right now. But inevitably Manning is going to have to let his feelings be known for the Colts, and the sense around the league is there will not be room for both quarterbacks, Manning and Luck, in Indianapolis. Manning has a $28 million option bonus that must be exercised by March 8, though he and the Colts could agree to push back the deadline past the start of the league year on March 12. But after this season, as March begins to creep closer, it's worth remembering that Eli Manning once navigated his way out of San Diego and it will not be a surprise if Peyton Manning does the same with Indianapolis.

    Source: The Redzone
  2. themush

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    Wouldn't doubt it.
  3. Crowned

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    I don't blame him, Luck isn't sitting on the bench behind no one for more then 1 season at most. It would be weird to see Peyton in any other jersey.
  4. SRW

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    So, let the speculation begin....if he asks for a trade, what teams go after him?
  5. falloutboy14

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    My money is on the 49ers.

    Put Manning on that team and they can compete with anyone. Great defense, solid run game, Vernon Davis & Crabtree.
  6. 86WARD

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    The Niners are pretty much already competing with anybody. Add Peyton and they'd potentially be propelled past the Packers in the NFC.

    I highly doubt they'd trade him, but if they did...maybe Miami. I'd think they'd try to ship him to the NFC though.
  7. Dragonite

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    Peyton Manning would actually DEMAND a trade...meh whatever he doesn't have much left.
  8. Steve12

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    I'm not so quick to jump to that conclusion. I think he's just playing it cool and not adding fuel to the fire. That's how Peyton always does it, which is why I respect him so much. I wouldn't blame him for wanting a trade if that's the way he wants to go.
  9. 86WARD

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    It's the writer's trying to drum up's been since the talk began...
  10. Buck Fenson

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    maybe I am just goobered but I don't know what the big deal is with the Colts drafting Luck. The way the rookie wage scale is now they can afford to pay Peyton and draft Luck. Peyton doesn't have more than 3 more productive years left, that is if his neck holds up that long, so he knows they have to get his replacement pretty soon. He saw how they was when he wasn't in there and he shouldn't want them to be like that when he does finally leave. Why just throw Luck in there as a rookie to get blown up every game and "learn" the game that way. But to me it sounds sorta like Peyton doesn't think he could beat out Luck in a competition.
  11. ball in the baskett

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    he should go to miami
  12. PSID412USM

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    Personally Peyton should just quit to save face. As for a team I saw someone say Kansas City and I got to think that would be interesting
  13. CaptainStubing

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    well, peyton being traded is pure speculation at this point but i really hope peyton doesn't turn into favre 2.0 and start jumping around from team to team
  14. falloutboy14

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    FWIW, Favre wanted to go to the Vikings initially, because Brad Childress ran the same offense the Packers did (or something like this). He was traded to the Jets because the Packers didn't want him in the NFC North.

    What this might mean for Peyton, the only offensive coaches he's had that I can think of are Tom Moore with the Jets, & Howard Mudd with the Eagles. Suppose I could see the Jets making a move. Thinking of Peyton back in the AFC east is interesting.
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  15. 86WARD

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    That would be McNabb captain.

    Buck couldn't put it any better...
  16. Crowned

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    I don't believe this to be true.
  17. Inclulbus

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    I don't think he will demand it, so I'm not even entertaining the "What if"
  18. Dragonite

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    Really you think he has more than 2 or 3 years left?
  19. 86WARD

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    IF he can come back from the surgery, he's easily got that time left. What makes you think he doesn't have at least that time left? He actually had one of his most productive seasons in 2010 yardage wise and was pretty much on par with his career overall...
  20. 86WARD

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    Part Deux?