Colts QB Peyton Manning 'Stunned' By Firing Of Bill Polian

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    Colts quarterback Peyton Manning was "stunned" by the firings of vice chairman Bill Polian and his son, Chris, the Colts' general manager. "I was stunned, I was surprised, I was saddened and just disappointed that it all happened this way," Manning told Chris Mortensen of ESPN by telephone. "I was actually meeting with Bill in the training room and we were talking about my rehab schedule, what I could and couldn't do in the facility under the new (collective bargaining agreement) and my checkpoints when he was summoned to see Irsay. He actually chuckled and said, 'We'll see.' " Manning said he and Polian later had a very emotional meeting when the quarterback learned that the man who drafted him with the No. 1 pick in 1998 had been let go. "Bill and I and Chris Polian has been here the whole time, too, had a great ride with tremendous highs and it makes me very sad that this ends on such a negative note. ... I used to think nobody hated losing more than I did or was more miserable after a loss. I decided it was a tie between me and Bill," Manning said. "And I stay in the building pretty late and he was always here working, too. Personally, my goodness, so many thoughts. He was one of the last guys to leave my wedding with Ashley (his wife). This is very, very tough."

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  2. mj1987us26

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    Say heck the Colts and come down to Miami.
  3. Stinger75

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    Got to wonder what will happen here... I was trying to list out places that would be able to afford a Manning and needed/wanted to take the chance with him.... KC, Miami, Washington, Vikings, Jets, Seattle....

    But then you got to think Manning won't just go play anywhere. He's gonna want to have a shot at another championship, so KC (because they are in a really weak division)... Vikings, Seattle, Arizona, maybe.
  4. Three7s

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    If he came to KC, the Chiefs would own the division for as long as he's here. It'd be the first time he'd get a defense on the other side.
  5. Buck Fenson

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    if he wants to go to a weak division then go to the 69ers. Great defense and decent offensive weapons. that would be his best bet.
  6. CaptainStubing

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    i'm a little shocked they made the move too but it was probably the right thing ......... a lot of us questioned what polian had put on the field right about the time they were 0-7 or 0-8 but i thought polian may have been one of those 'untouchable' gm's since he has had so much success in the league.
  7. mj1987us26

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    Well Miami isn't too far off, I mean they have a very good defense and also some very good offensive fire power. The big question is will Harbough work with a guy who took his job? Or will be he arrogant enough to say hey I don't need him I can make a QB.
  8. CaptainStubing

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    from reports coming out, it's sounding like this was purely about the polian kid. irsay didn't want the kid in there anymore so both of them were fired.
  9. TheDuke

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    Imagine how "stunned" Peyton is going to be when he finds out that he's been released!!
  10. cKlass

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    Couldn't of said it better. There were some questions that needed to be answered after this season but after what he's done one would think they would have given him another year to straighten things out.
  11. CaptainStubing

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    eh, i don't know if releasing him would be smart, would it? they could get a couple of pretty high draft picks for him, couldn't they?
  12. Lddbck

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    Not if he gets pissed and pulls a Carson Palmer.
  13. markaz

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    This is what the so-called "football insiders" in the Phoenix area are saying. Strictly a move to rid the organization of the son.

    Manning needs to heed the words of his own union..."This is a business" and suck it up.

    Question is, why in the heck did Irsay subject the organization to nepotism and get boxed in? If he wanted the son out, fire him and then let dad react.