Colts QB Peyton Manning To Become Highest-Paid Player In NFL?

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    Franchise owner Jim Irsay says he expects to make quarterback Peyton Manning the highest-paid player in NFL history, "perhaps in the five-year, $100 million neighborhood," according to the Indianapolis Star. Irsay discusses the importance of locking up Manning, who signed a seven-year, $98 million contract in 2004: "We know Peyton's going to be paid, along with (New England quarterback Tom) Brady, as the top in the league. But it's really important to make sure we get a deal that for the next four, five, six years works for the franchise." Irsay and his staff are in the midst of making long-term preparations as Manning is one of 19 Colts whose contracts expire after the upcoming season. If a new collective bargaining agreement is reached and players are unrestricted after four years in the league - it took six years this offseason because of 2010 being a year without a salary cap - 13 Colts would be unrestricted, the newspaper reports. The list of impending free agents, aside from Manning, includes several key starters: running back Joseph Addai; safeties Antoine Bethea and Melvin Bullitt; linebacker Clint Session; place-kicker Adam Vinatieri; offensive tackle Charlie Johnson; and defensive tackles Dan Muir and Antonio Johnson.

    Source: Sporting News
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  2. Crowned

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    Makes sense.
  3. Lord_Joe

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    Put Peyton #1.

    The other "key" free agents are replaceable via free agency and mid round picks.

    You don't replace a Peyton Manning.
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    Best player in the league should get the most money.
  5. CaptainStubing

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    he isn't the highest paid already? .............
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    I don't know, he was, but they keep giving huge contracts to stars over and over again. Too many players have claimed a bruised ego due to their salaries in comparison to once in a generation superstars. For
    me it's just a reason to demand more money an justify it, we shouldn't see the highest paid players
    change every single year based on new megacontracts..

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    * "They" as in many teams, not just the Colts.
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    i understood what you meant. you didn't have to edit.

    and i agree but this is simply a result of skyrocketing contracts. it's inevitable that there will be a new 'highest paid' every year as these contracts get bigger and bigger all the time.
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    This. REP!!
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    Hopefully after Peyton gets this contract Chris Johnson doesn't still hope to be the highest paid offensive player in the league.
  10. Cap07

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    Either that, or CJ will see the contract and want a better one.
  11. Crowned

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  12. K Train

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    hes great, o doubt...but it might be a little late in his career to make him the highest paid player and 5 years $100 million is a little steep.

    he signed that $98 million deal a few years ago and players like roethlisberger, eli, palmer, and rivers are all making in that range but they all have a big youth advantage on him