Colts QB Peyton Manning Undergoes A Second Neck Surgery

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    The Indianapolis Colts released the following statement on Peyton Manning in light of the reports today that he underwent surgery: "As previously stated on Monday, Sept. 5th, Peyton Manning has undergone further testing and consultation with several specialists regarding his rehabilitation. The results of these tests and the consensus of the consultations was that further surgery was warranted. Peyton has undergone this surgery today by having a single level anterior fusion. The surgery was un-eventful. This procedure is performed regularly throughout the country on persons from all walks of life, including professional football players. Two former Colts players had this same procedure last winter and have fully resumed their careers. Rehabilitation from such surgery is typically an involved process. Therefore, there will be no estimation of a return date at this time. We will keep Peyton on the active roster until we have a clearer picture of his recovery process. Peyton will immediately begin the rehabilitation regimen mapped out by the surgeon. We anticipate no further updates or availabilities beyond those required by the NFL Media Policy for the immediate future."

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    with the first selection in the NFL draft, The Indianapolis Colts select Andrew Luck
  3. I don't think they'll be that bad without Manning........but their streak of 10+ win seasons could very well be in jeopardy.
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    There goes my fantasy team! THANKS FOOTBALL HEAD!! Truth be told though, Kerry Collins did win a Super Bowl this century.
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    They won't be that bad without him.

    Yea and he also led a team to 0-5 or 0-6 that Vince Young then took to 9 or 10 straight wins. And he's old now.
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    8 wins at best for the Colts without Manning.

    Think of it this way...Eli just went from Top-5 to Top-4...just saying...
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    lmfao. Hardly.
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    It wasn't meant to be a serious comment. If only there was a sarcasm smiley!
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    I know it wasn't serious. lol. It was funny though. And there is a sarcasm smiley. :sarcasm1:
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    :sarcasm1: :poke:
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    Well heck me.
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    I heard that he has the same. Things. As. Michael Irvin and I forget who else had and both of these players had to retire due to this

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    colts 7-9