Colts Suspend Consultant Jim Tressel For Six Games

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    The Indianapolis Colts announced that they have suspended newly-hired game day consultant Jim Tressel for the first six weeks of the regular season, ESPN's Adam Schefter reports. Tressel was hired by the Colts last week to assist head coach Jim Caldwell on game-day decisions such as replay challenges. The Colts hiring of Tressel drew criticism from the media and caught the attention of the league office, which needs to approve coaching hires. Media criticism centered around Tressel seemingly being able to walk scot-free into an NFL coaching position after the turmoil he contributed to at Ohio State University, which faces NCAA violations after a tattoo scandal and are under investigation for other improper benefits bestowed to athletes under Tressel's watch. Before resigning in May, Tressel had been suspended for five games for not disclosing his knowledge that some of his players had received improper benefits.

    Source: Mac's Football Blog
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    Not suprised...
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    You would figure if the Colts didn't suspend him, Goodell would. I don't agree with the suspension but not suprised in the very least.
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  5. Pryor deserved did Tressel.
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    I disagree! Why should anyone be punished for ethical misconduct they did in a previous job... Its never happened before. Reggie Bush did not get punished by the NFL.
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    While I like that Tressel got suspended, I have to disagree with it. It's actually bullcrap that he got suspended by a current employer for something he did in a previous job...that he was already punished for by being fired.
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    yea i agree its total bull that he got suspended for something he did at his previous job. that just doesn't make sense to me
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    It's bull that he got suspended but it was the right thing considering the NFL suspended Terelle Pryor for the crap that happened in college. The NFL needs to stop sticking their nose in NCAA business though.
  10. I think the bigger story is that the Colts suspended Tressel and not Goodell himself.......
  11. Different scenario.......the Bush scandal wasn't discovered until last year. Bush was already in the league for 5 seasons prior.
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    It's Goodell we're talking about BBB...
  13. I don't even think Goodell would suspend someone for something they did 5 or 6 years ago before entering the NFL........
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    Clearly a PR move, you can't suspend Pryor and then not suspend Tressel. Whether either should have been suspended is debatable. The NFLPA didn't really put up a fight.
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    BFD. Colts review Consigliere is suspended for a 1/3 of the season?
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    The NFL is a freaking JOKE!!!!
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    I don't get all of you acting like the NCAA and NFL have no connection. If your boss at McDonalds finds out you were stealing money from your last job at Taco Bell don't you think he'd fire you?