Colts Unsure Of Roles For Howard Mudd, Tom Moore

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    The return of retired assistant coaches Tom Moore and Howard Mudd to the Indianapolis Colts no longer is in question, but first-year head coach Jim Caldwell isn't prepared to elaborate on what their roles will be. Caldwell indicated it would be premature to talk about the roles of Moore and Mudd. "(We) haven't gotten there yet in terms of completion, only because of the fact we still think there is some due diligence to be done in terms of dealing with the lawyers,'' Caldwell said. Team president Bill Polian, he added, has "talked to the lawyers a bit. "I've been a little bit more focused on what's happening out here on the field. Once we complete our practice (Thursday) I'll have an opportunity to sit down with Bill at some point in time -- I'm not certain when that's going to be -- and see if we can narrow it down a little bit more.''

    Source: Indianapolis Star