Colts WR Reggie Wayne Entering His Final Year In Indianapolis?

Discussion in 'Indianapolis Colts' started by SRW, Mar 13, 2011.

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    With a contract set to expire after the 2011 season, we Pro Football Weekly hears that All-Pro WR Reggie Wayne could be playing his final season in a Colts uniform. Wayne, 32, is coming off a terrific '10 campaign, but he has been adamant about wanting a long-term deal — not something the Colts generally do with players in their 30's. Don't rule out the possibility of the Colts drafting a wide receiver in April, with Wayne serving as a mentor next season.

    Source: Pro Football Weekly
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  2. TheSnowman

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    Dudes skills are still high, I'd take him.
  3. SeanTaylor21

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    Just looking for that final pay day, really I don't understand how NFL players blow all of those millions of dollars on all this stupid crap. I mean heck put a couple million in a god **mn savings account. I agree with Snowman though his skills still are high.