Coming to an Association near you: Collusion-Gate

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    Not long ago, the NFL got their man. Curiously enough, the player they were going after was one of the faces of the league and the winningest quarterback of all time.

    You see, the man they call Tom Brady had fiddled with some footballs prior to the AFC Championship Game back in 2015. No fan knew this prior to game time but apparently that sort of thing is frowned upon in the establishment. Mr. Brady asked a team assistant to release air from the footballs they were going to play the game with, deflating them for better grip. This would cause controversy that would go on for seasons and a black eye for the league heretofore dubbed as DeflateGate.

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    I think this goes all the way back to the summer of 2008, when Wade, LeBron, Carmelo and Bosh decided to play together some day during a scrimmage of Team USA while at the Olympics. Only Carmelo wouldn't make it because no salary cap could hold those four. Three, yes...just not four.

    The inmates are running the asylum, like the late owner of the Houston Texans used to say.
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    And now comes the NCAA ruling concerning (or not concerning) Rich Paul.

    s**t's getting interesting.