Cowboy Fans, Sorry About Your Loss

Discussion in 'Dallas Cowboys' started by 49erGenius, Jan 13, 2008.

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    I'm thinkin right about now, the Packers are sorry about the loss also, it is going to be colder than heck, (bout as cold as it could be). and they would rather NOT have the weather play a factor!
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    The rebirth of the Ice Bowl?
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    i ain't gonna remember the *

    i'm gonna remember the 23 td's by Moss
    the 50 by Brady
    and remember how much it sucked watching it all happen
    the only * thats gonna be remembered is
    Barry Bonds' HR Record
    and Pete Rose not making the HOF.

    all your long comment was about, was how Backup players are crapless. It may be true in most cases, San Diego's backups though, Could beat a Healthy Starting 49er team IMO. Ain't no team gonna lay down cause theyre banged. It's the Playoffs, players you never hear of step up in the clutch, and in big time situations, as they did vs Indianapolis. So I don't wanna hear about who SHOULD be in the Superbowl all week long from you, it's pointless. Because the teams that SHOULD BE.. WILL BE. I'll admit, i'm a big time homer, ask everybody's favorite Dallasarmour, But Dallas lost, Plain and simple. So What we got beat by a Banged up team, all that showed, was their backups play just as well as their starters, you think someone who plays football their whole life.. finally gets a chance to start a game, especially in the playoffs.. and they aint gonna show up to play? Take you 28 years of the game, and shove it. This ain't about Norv Turner, this aint about him leaving to make more money and run his own team, this is about his team stepping up in the clutch, as did the Giants. Whoever wins tomorrow, SHOULD BE in the superbowl. point, blank, period. Get on with your life, and stop putting it in every sentence you post.
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    He won't get your point bro. He's like a record with a scratch in it and repeat the same lame stuff again and again.
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    Yeah i think your right but at the same time i think the Pack can deal with it a little better than the Giants HOPEFULLY!!!!!
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    Excellent post. But like Olly said, unfortunately it's falling on deaf ears.
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    The game is an obvious: every paper, sporting paper, commentators, news groups, even the FOOL in the Chronicle is saying New England is going to win huge. What's the fun of a game if the outcome is so easily predicted? Playoffs are like a pro wrestling card, the obvious go in, the obvious win, the obvious get to the Superbowl. New England is the obvious: Perfect season and now a gift wrapped Superbowl. Who wants to fill their stadium to host New England? I wouldn't want my stadium sold out for a game against the Pats, I'd want it emptied.

    When Green Bay and New England win on's just obvious. That's not fun when the underdog had no chance. Fans can quibble that San Diego should've played the Jax for that could've been their chance to win the game.

    I just don't want New ENgland in the Superbowl plain and simple. You cheat, you are undeserving of the Lombardi Superbowl. Vince Lombardi would be pissed that some little weasel team used illegal equipment to get ahead of the game because they can't win it on their own. HOw do we truly know that after the Chicago Bears beatdown of the Pats that maybe they were not conceiving this idea to use this equipment to help them beat the Rams?

    Too bad you can't take a Superbowl team out of the Superbowl. I mean, I've seen the high school federations put teams on probation for illegal activity that KEEPS THEM OUT OF THE CHAMPIONSHIP! Maybe the NFL should have that sort of punishment for New England: You don't have the God given right to be in the championship due to league violations. Forget taking away their pick, deny them the opportunity to get a Superbowl. That punishment to them was PEANUTS and a joke in the league. I'd go as far as taking away EVERY ONE of the Pats picks, make them keep the team intact.
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    :buttrock:Thank you, as Dr. Crane would say. I'm glad to be here.
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    I always need a hug when the cowboys lose *counting down the days till next season*

    BLU<<< wants my foot up his ass! :icon_cheesygrin:
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    I've been counting down the moment the season ended. I hope your off season goes great and you do better next season...except against my team.:icon_redface: But hope you win the other 15 games.:icon_cheesygrin:
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    jajaja whata sweetstalker.
    if two turds had a baby would it cornfed?