Cowboys Asking RB Marion Barber To Take Pay Cut Not Out Of Question

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  1. According to Dan Pompei of the National Football Post, Marion Barber isn’t much of a fit in Dallas at his current salary. So don’t be surprised to see the running back working for another team next year. The Cowboys drafted a potential replacement in DeMarco Murray, and toyed with the idea of trading up to take Mark Ingram, but they didn’t want to give up a 2012 first rounder, however. The Cowboys believe in splitting the carries among two or three backs, and new coach Jason Garrett wants to get good use from Felix Jones. That means whoever is in the backfield with Jones will be somewhat of a role player and should not be pulling in big bucks, and while the team has not asked Barber to take a pay cut, the possibility is not out of the question.

    Source: National Football Post
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  2. Agent Zero

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    Not really a shocker.. I am kinda expecting a few players to be asked to take pay cuts or gtfo.
  3. Ingram would've been nice for Dallas.....but giving up a future No. 1 on a RB isn't exactly feasible in a pass-happy league.
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    I think that they will take him into came and see what happens. If one of the other backs gets hurt they will have insurance. Also if another team looses one of their backs then it opens it up for him to be traded. With all that being said I think he will be one of the last players to get cut. The best chance for him to stay with the team is if the CBA does not get done before some of the season has to be reduced. This would limit how much impact a rookie can make.