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  1. Jihad Joe

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    From now until the draft Im gonna post a list of players Im keeping an eye on. Im go9ing to do round 1 this week, round 2 next, then 3, then 4, then back to one until the draft

    First Round: Pick 16 or 17

    Louis Nix DT, ND: A 350 lb DT may not seem like a fit in a Tampa 2, but Nix is very good at penetrating gaps andd applying quick pressure. Could be a good fit for the 1 Tech

    Ra'shede Hageman, DT, Minn: The top 3 tech in the draft would be a nightmare in the middle. Not as quick as Jernigan or Sutton, but a better overall prospect

    Will Sutton, DT, ASU: Prototypical smallish, quick Tampa 2 3 tech. Probobly has more upside then Jernigan, but a lower floor

    Timmy Jernigan, DT, FSU: Another prototypical 3 tech, probably more of and instant gratification pick then Sutton, which may be what we need

    Stephon Tuitt, DE, ND: Not quite sure where Tuitt would play in our defense, but thats not a bad thing. He has the skill to play outside on the OT or inside in the 3 tech position
    Kony Ealy, DE, Mizzou: The best pure pass rushing DE we will have availble to us. Ealy may need some refinement coming off the snap, but is an excellent pass rusher and an athletic freak. Reminds me a bit of Aldon Smith coming out of Mizzou

    Trent Murphy, DE, Stanford: Very productive DE at Stanford, like Ealy, is a very athletic pass rusher that needs some refinement as he was stuck inbetween a 3-4 OLB and a 4-3 DE at Stanford

    Blake Bortles. QB, UCF: Dallas I believe will have the tail end of the first round QB class available to them (although alot may ride on Hundley), perhaps with a trade up a few spots (12ish) Right now I believe that will be either Bortles or Manziel. Bortles is a very strong NFL prospect that may have been a sure fire top 5 pick if this class wasnt so deep at the top. He very well may still be, but right now I think he loses out to Hundley and Carr and possibly Manziel

    Johnny Manziel, QB, TAM: Of the top QB, Manziel IMO is the most likley to be attainable, doubtfull he slips to 16/17, but could possibly be had for a slight trade up. I think he will lose out to the top QB's due to size and attitude issues
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    Spelled weakly.
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    Omen's rubbing off on me

    Sad thing is it was on a PC, so I dont have the touchscreen excuse
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    You've got some talented guys on that list.
    I don't think Nix will get as low as 16,if he's there at 8 the Vikings are a strong chance of taking him.As for the QBs,I've read scouts who think Manziel could be a 2nd or a 22nd pick and Bortles is a guy that some think would be better of staying in college to refine his technique.
  5. Jihad Joe

    Jihad Joe Life to Infidels

    Nix is the least likley of the DTs to be there but with the chance 5 QBs go in the top 15, talented guys get pushed down
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    Very true.Just look at Floyd last year.
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    No one cares about Sharrif Floyd. Not even his own mother
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    lol @ Maycock.. But he was right. He really hasn't done much in Minnesota.

    I like your list. I will be cfreaking in on it. :beer:
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  9. Jihad Joe

    Jihad Joe Life to Infidels

    2nd Round:

    Aaron Donald, DT, PSU: Another protypycal playmaking 3 Tech, may be too small right now to be an every snap player in the NFL. May wear down laye as a rookie. Very dynamic 3 Tech

    Ego Ferguson, DT, LSU: Underrated prospect who excells both at the point of attack and attacking gaps. Could play either 1 or 3 Tech

    Anthony Johnson, DT, LSU: Unreal athlete for his size, reported to have a 4.7 40 yard dash. Needs alot of work, but he is an extremely athletic 3 Tech with a high motor

    Scott Crichton , DE Oregon State: Very polished DE, doesnt have elite upside, but should be an instant contributor. High motor

    Demarcus Lawrence, DE Boise State: Very good array of pass rush moves. While very stong, needs to add size

    Jimmy Garoppolo, QB, Eastern Illinnios
    : QB from Romos Alma mater is going to be a fast riser. Excelent arm, release and very accurate. Probobly a better raw QB then most of the first round class, but needs to adjust to the level of competion, which keeps him out of there clbutt. Could be a first rounder

    Brett Smith, QB, Wyoming: Underrated prospect who plays with a chip on his shoulder. Very good arm, with solid athletism. Needs work on his footwork and a bit of a gambler
  10. Agent Zero

    Agent Zero I rode the short bus

    I wonder if he is on our radar? Do you think he is a possibility.
  11. Jihad Joe

    Jihad Joe Life to Infidels

    Too early in the process to know. We'll know more at the combine
  12. ragman

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    Would the Cowboys be interested in QB Jordan Lynch of Northern Illinois?
  13. Jihad Joe

    Jihad Joe Life to Infidels

    I don't know.

    Personally im not a fan of late rounders at QB. If your lucky you get a decent backup
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    Much better to go the UDFA route and get a crapty starter.
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    LOL I see what you did there.
  16. Walnuts

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    I assure you, sir, I havent the faintest idea what you might be alluding to.
  17. Jihad Joe

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    3rd Round

    Micheal Sam, DE, Mizzou

    More production in college then his teammate Elay, but not as good a prospect. A smallish DE that has desceptive strength. Similar to Dumerville

    Kareem Martin, DE, UNC

    Martin is a freak athlete that needs to develop his pass rushing moves. Very powerful player who is more with deceptive quickness, Martin plays more of a finness game. Could be the steal of the draft

    Morgan Moses, RT, Virginia

    Huge RT with nimble feet, needs to keep his weight in check. Comparable to Andre Smith with his combination of size, athletisms and nastiness

    Jawuan James, OT, Tennesse

    Excellent RT prospect, reminds me a bit of Tyron Smith when he played RT in 2011

    Dion Bailey FS, USC

    Heady Safety is an excellent Cover 2 Safety with ties to current DC Monte Kiffen. Would give us depth in 2014 (bye bye Jeff Heath) and push Church out in 2015 and form a potentially dynamic tandem with JJ Wilcox

    James Wilder JR, HB, FSU

    With Murray durability always a concern and contract running out in the next couple years and Randle not distinguishing himself, a quality runner should be on the radar if on is a good value/scheme fit. That would be Wilder in the 3rd. A gamer with excellent power and burst, he would be they type of player who can get Murray of the field for a few drives a game and preserve his effectivness while at the same time being 120 yard game threat if Murray goes dow
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  19. ragman

    ragman Pro Bowler Fantasy Guru

    I can tell you that the Cowboys have interviewed Garrapolo in Mobile.
  20. Jihad Joe

    Jihad Joe Life to Infidels

    Good. Garapollo has looked great in Mobile and has done an excellent job responding to NFL coaching