Cowboys Legendary QB Roger Staubach Says Tony Romo Deserves More Respect From Fans

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    Tony Romo has undergone a great deal of criticism in Dallas. Cowboys legendary quarterback Roger Staubach can't understand why. "It’s really a mystery to me why people don’t understand how really good (Tony Romo) is," Staubach told Norm Hitzges of KTCK-AM in Dallas by way of the Dallas Morning News. "The things he can do and the plays he can make, I’m sure Troy (Aikman) would say the same. I think this team is building to support a great quarterback like Romo. If your defense is doing a great job, you can do a lot of things on offense.†“I think it wears on him because he’s such competitor. He works really hard. His teammates love him. He’s got to continue to get more out of his teammates and that’s his job too and he knows that.â€

    Source: The Redzone
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  2. agreed Roger
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    Me too.
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    Tony Romo deserves a swift kick in the butt and a one way bus ticket out of Dallas!!
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    i think staubach is still trying to shake off that last concussion
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    Needs to win a SB.
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    Romo got skills...just no hardware to back it up...
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    He does, but he still has time. How old were Bradshaw and Elway when they won theirs?
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    I think Bradshaw was only mid 20's when he won his in 1974...
  14. Romo takes more blame for doing a good job than any other QB. He is hated like Mcnabb was.
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    Difference is McNabb was a straight up punk who wasn't a leader. He was a whiny snitch.
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    Good way to put it Adam.
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    I have always wondered if Romo would be this critiziced had THE FUMBLE never happened... :icon_confused:
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    I think so

    He plays for Dallas
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    If it ain't the fumble it's the playoffs vs the Giants or it's the yearly December meltdowns.

    Although, the fumble is the doozy that tops the list. Let's relive, shall we?

    [ame=]Tony Romo Singlehandedly Loses the Game for Dallas (Cowboys @ Seahawks - 2007) - YouTube[/ame]
  20. the fumble was bullcrap anyway. The ball should never have been used as it wasn't properly broken in.