Cowboys Taking Extra Precaution With WR Miles Austin

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    Miles Austin and his hamstrings need to get on better terms.

    Austin's legs haven't been right for two seasons, leading the Dallas Cowboys to take measures to keep the veteran wide receiver healthy in 2013.

    Austin was given a day off during last week's mandatory minicamp. He also sat out some earlier organized team activities. He's spent the offseason working on new ways to strengthen his legs.

    "It's one of those things where, you can't not do it and then do it and tell the difference," he said last week at Valley Ranch, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. "But I feel good now."

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    Been mock drafting for a week n I keep ending up with him...he better stay freaking healthy! Lol. He has sooooo much upside. Him n Dez with Witten n Murray...that's a crazy offense. Romo needs to step it up.

    ...and I fade back to black.
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    he'll step onto the field and his hamstrings will explode...there will just be blood and tendons everywhere
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    No way, he's way too light skinned to have undergone a negroplasty.
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