Cowboys TE John Phillips Likely Has A Torn ACL

Discussion in 'Dallas Cowboys' started by SRW, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. SRW

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    Dallas Cowboys tight end John Phillips may be lost for the season after suffering a right knee injury in Sunday night’s exhibition opener against the Cincinnati Bengals. Phillips suffered what is likely a torn ACL in his right knee according to Todd Archer of the Dallas Morning News. Prior to the injury, Phillips was having a strong game, catching four passes for 60 yards. He was one of the few highlights in an otherwise sluggish offense. “I’m going to stay positive and wait for [Monday] and see what the doctors get confirmed,â€￾ Phillips said, per Archer. “Regardless of what they say something’s got to be confirmed on a screen so until they show it to me, I’m going to stay positive.â€￾

    Source: Dallas Morning News
  2. Crowned

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    Ouch that hurts, he looked good last night and played about as good as he could have last year sitting behind Witten and Bennett.
  3. Omen

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    wow that sucks man dude was doing pretty good yesterday..........
  4. SoDev

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    Poor dude.
  5. ragman

    ragman Pro Bowler Fantasy Guru is reporting that Phillips does have a torn ACL and is out for the year.:icon_sad:
  6. Mike

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    i am a sad sad man about this news
  7. Agent Zero

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    This is terrible news.. Phillips is the next Witten. We really needed him this year, cause Bennet is basura!
  8. Squibby

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    This is terrible news...I was hoping Phillips would actually push Bennett to actually perform.
  9. Agent Zero

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    Sorry to say dude, but Bennett is complete garbage. The kid can't seem to get his mind right. Sad actually cause he has an amazing talent level. I seen him at this club in Dallas called "Carson's" a while back, and he is a complete tool. The guy is just an butt and acts like he is 12... Even the chicks wanted nothing to do with him. He was all alone with a few buddies acting a fool. And from what I read he is the same way in practice and in meetings.
  10. ragman

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    At his press conference today at 3:15 PM local time, head coach Wade Phillips said reserve TE Scott Sicko suffered a concussion during last night's game. With that news, I'm sure the Cowboys are going to be scouring everywhere looking for backup TEs to back up Witten and Bennett.
  11. Omen

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    i dont care if the dude acts a fool as long as he can play.............but problem is that dude isnt showing up to play up to level that is expected of him
  12. Jihad Joe

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    Bennett just has to get his head in the game as a weapon. As a blocker he is sick

    Im not happy with with overall performance, and it would have been nice if Phillips actually pushed him. But him being "worthless" is an huge exaggeration