Dallas Mayor Irked At Cowboys Signing of Greg Hardy

Discussion in 'Dallas Cowboys' started by DaBears22, Mar 20, 2015.

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    Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings, a Cowboys fan who has watched games from the suite of owner and general manager Jerry Jones, called the signing of Greg Hardy a "shot in the gut."

    When the Cowboys signed Hardy on Wednesday, Rawlings called the Cowboys to discuss the signing, the Dallas Morning News reported Thursday. He said the team told him it did extensive background checks into Hardy and structured his contract so that the player would need to fall in line in order to be paid handsomely.

    Last spring a North Carolina judge found Hardy guilty of assaulting and threatening to kill ex-girlfriend Nicole Holder, but the verdict was set aside when Hardy requested a jury trial. Charges were dropped when Holder refused to cooperate with the district attorney's office after receiving a financial settlement from Hardy.

    Hardy, who signed a one-year, $11.3 million deal with the Cowboys, remains on the commissioner's exempt list and could be suspended for part of the 2015 season under the league's personal conduct policy.

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    Go pound sand.
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  3. DawkinsINT

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    He has a right to feel the way he does. I completely understood the Eagles fans that were pissed when they signed Vick or the haters of Riley Cooper for what he did.
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  4. Jihad Joe

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    As excited as I am about the signing I have to agree.

    When a team signs a contraversial player you have to know there may be some fall out from the fanbase.
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    I understand his feelings, but he has no business calling the Cowboys on the phone and asking to "hear their side." He's a fan who doesn't agree with the signing...great. But Jerry Jones and the Cowboys don't owe him an explanation on who and what they sign.

    And if he's a big advocate of people getting second chances, why not with the Cowboys? If he's such an advocate, why not embrace it and wish the guy good luck? Why give it negative press with calling it a "shot in the gut?"

    It's okay to give a guy a second chance...as long as it's not with the Cowboys?
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  6. Jihad Joe

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    Your right. As a fan your choice is to not support the product. They dont however owe us an explanation as what they do. Ive pumped a few hundred dollars into the Dallas franchice, not the millions and possibly billions the Jones have. In the end its there choice and they will either reap the benifits or face the fallout
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    He's not as bad a dude as you are making him out to be it seems to me.
  8. DawkinsINT

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    Oops. My bad. This guy is a total piece of shirt scumbag.
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    Maybe Jerry will change the name to the Arlington Cowboys to ease the mayor's gut.
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    That's what I wa going to say. The Cowboys don't even play in Dallas.
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  12. 86WARD

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    Mayor must be happy today after Hardy was suspended for the first 10 games of 2015...
  13. TJ

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    Hardy is eligible to return in week 12 when we play...the Panthers.

    Nice move, Roger!!
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    All the division games are in first half of the season
  15. Jihad Joe

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    He'll appeal and there is a very good chance its reduced. I read a peice, I think by Archer last that said Goodall best move would be to give him a long suspension kmowing it will be appealed and shortened on appeal. That way he can look tough and save face
  16. 86WARD

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    I read the same thing...it's all posturing to make the NFL look so big and bad...
  17. markaz

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    All I know is Hardy was found guilty by the judge during the bench trial because of the heinous nature of the charges with two people in his own entourage testifying and supporting the charges. Then he gets off because of a “financial settlement” with his ex-girlfriend/accuser after collecting all $13 million on his contract. Whether it’s one game, ten games or two seasons, there’s no ruling the NFL can make to stop people from pointing the finger at the NFL as being a joke. Frankly, I find the sentence by the judge in the bench trial (60-day suspended sentence + 18 months probation) the biggest joke of all.
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    dont worry, im sure cowboys greats like irvin & erik williams will mentor him on how to treat women.
  19. Buck Fenson

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    or at least hook him up with some punching hags.

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