Daunte Says He's Still Retired

Discussion in 'Detroit Lions' started by ravenfan52, Oct 10, 2008.

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    As usual, we posted an item two minutes before getting a response to a question that would have made the prior story moot. Heres what quarterback Daunte Culpepper has told us in response to rumors that he could be joining the Lions: You would not beleive how many times I have heard that I am about to sign somewhere since retirement. I am still retired and am enjoying every minute coaching my sons undefeated pee wee football team and overseeing my business affairs. I really appreciate the platform you gave me to speak to the NFL community. Thanks again.

    Source: ProFootballTalk.com
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    i know for a fact the lions have no interest going off the roster for another Qb unless someone went on IR then the next Qb on the roster will be Henson
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    What good would Culpepper do the Lions anyway? LOL
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    Yep. If Daunte is ever going to revive his career, it will need to be as a backup on a good team.
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    Ummmm...ok. He's still retired.