DE Jason Pierre-Paul Says Giants Defense Ready To 'Hunt' Tony Romo

Discussion in 'New York Giants' started by Agent Zero, Nov 22, 2013.

  1. Agent Zero

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    "At the end of the day, it don't matter what quarterback's in the game or whatever, because we going to hunt, that is what we do up front," JPP said. "... Whatever we going to do, we're going to hunt. Tony Romo is a good quarterback, but we're going to get after him this week."

    Source- Jason Pierre-Paul: Giants' D ready to 'hunt' Tony Romo -

    Agent Zero: Could spell disaster for the Boys.. A motivated front seven of the Giants is damn near impossible to beat. Just ask the Patriots. (twice)
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  2. 86WARD

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    I smell a fine in there somewhere.
  3. ragman

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    Has anyone noticed that the Giants, in their four game winning streak, have played 4 third string QBs, that have thrown a total of one TD and 7 picks? Let's see what they do against the Boys.
  4. CaptainStubing

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    Agreed rag. Everyone keeps talkingabout their amazing turnaround. They have played better but their level of competition has not been good so they have been able to pile up some easy wins.
  5. ragman

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    Their luck has been amazing lately in facing below average QBs.
  6. bigsexyy81

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    THIS. Hard to root for either of these crapty teams, but I hope Dallas wins so NYG doesn't stay hot and people stop talking about them. Romo is a HOFer compared to Freeman, Barkley, Pryor, and Tolzien.