DeAngelo Hall Traded To The Raiders For 2nd Round Pick

Discussion in 'Atlanta Falcons' started by WarEagle, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. 86WARD

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    Could ESPN be freaking up again?!?
  2. Ablaze

    Ablaze wtf?

    they could be haha, but you never know which side to trust
  3. DawkinsINT

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    That's a joke, right?
  4. 49er Ninja

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    so true, the year before last he was getting burned left and right. that one game against the cowboys, TO made Hall look like crap. hell fit in with the raiders and their "Committment to Increment"
  5. 86WARD

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    You never know with's rather pathetic. They LOVE to jump the gun on things.

    Maybe the question should've been..."Who is more over-rated?"

    Frankly, I don't think either is worth the money they are getting paid.
  6. Crowned

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    Neither have proven themselves, we will see who does better with a new team I'm going to say Hall.
  7. 86WARD

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    I would say that the Eagles defense is a downgrade from the Patriots D and the Raiders D and upgrade over the Falcons D. So if Samuel was "over-rated" with the Patriots, what's that mean for him with the Eagles? If Hall has a better pass rush in front of him than he had with the Falcons, you would think his upside potential is more than what Samuel has...right?
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  10. red_askew

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    Sad to see DeAng go personally, but people move on.:icon_sad:
  11. falcon_91

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    Well couple of things i can gather from this:
    a)Nnamdi Asomougha is gone next dont have to be a cap genius to realise that Hall+Asomougha+Russell+Huff+Kelly+Walker will be too much for the riaders and asomougha is odd man out.
    b)Jimmy Williams will be moving back to CB for def

    and heres the 1 thing i hope this will mean:
    with 3 2nd rounders we move back into the 1st for Brohm

    on hall, put him in man to man im not sure if theres many CB's i would fancy to be better than him...put him in zone and you will feel the consequences, we run cover-2 now so his dealing is inevitable but regardless a 2nd rounder oon its own would be pure rape.
  12. SRW

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  13. packerboy

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    Well, that's an interesting development. I'd deny it if they traded me to the Raiders.
  14. Crowned

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    wow.. another blown call by ESPN....
  15. SRW

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    ESPN has brought reporting to a new level of suck-dom. Who would of thought that one day ProFootballTalk would be more credible?
  16. Crowned

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    Its always Mortenson
  17. 86WARD

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    Pathetic. This is why I NEVER go on ESPN.COM!!!
  18. Dougerrrr

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    He's going......he's staying......he's going....he's staying.....
  19. Crowned

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    lol reminds me of Rochhound off Armageddon.
  20. falcon_91

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    To be fair to ESPN it wont just be them...Schefter was reporting that Hall had been in oakland on Fri+Sat (i believe) and yet Hall knows nothing? quite a biggy missed there by AS !