Decisions, decisions: #1s versus #2s over the years

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    By virtue of finishing dead last in the league in 2014, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers hold the rights to the top pick in the upcoming NFL draft. What to do, what to do? Do they go with Oregon’s Marcus Mariota? Do they build their future around FSU’s Jameis Winston? Do they trade the pick and weigh their options? The only thing that’s for certain is that they cannot go another year without a quarterback. Not in this league, not if they want to have any sort of success. The fact that Vinny Testaverde is still the leading passer in franchise history is enough to turn my stomach.

    With the impending Mariota-Winston dilemma staring my beloved Bucs squarely in the face, I decided to look at the last twenty years of draft questions between numbers one and two in both the NFL and NBA to see who got their 1-2 picks right and who got them drastically wrong.

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    They shouldn't pick either one
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    There's a lot of that going around, Cold, and I'm inclined to agree with you.

    Here's hoping the Bucs know to entertain ALL offers and go with which one they think is best.
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    I relate your Bucs to my Cards. Don’t let recent success by the Cards cloud your memory. Prior to Kurt Warner the Cards were the punch line to every NFL joke every created. Now it’s the Bucs turn (some would argue the Raiders). But the Cards still do suffer from the same primary disease as the Bucs…absolutey no offensive line. As such, the debate over Mariotta/Winston is mute. Neither are a Kurt Warner caliber QB so whoever the pick is can’t fix a lot of ills in his first one or two seasons.

    No matter what your front office decides, they’re gonna be wrong to the Bucs fanbase mid-way through the ’15 season. But If I were in their shoes I would try to minimize the damage by taking Mariotta and then address the left tackle position either through the draft, free agency or trade. Mariotta goes to the head of the class for his work ethic, thirst to learn and by his example of showing up first in the morning and last to leave when the lights turn off > > all known qualities. Couple that with the excellent obsevation by HeavyD about the hatred for Winston and his off-field issues by many in Florida and a QB choice at#1 really isn’t that difficult. Should the Bucs go LT with the first pick I would applaud them for doing what really needs to be addressed, but that just ain’t gonna happen.
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    before the combine i wouldve completely disagreed with tampa taking mariota at #1. now its a possibilit i think although i still lean towards lovie smith taking wonston.
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    i think the eagles are gonna make a deal with the redskins and use the 5th pick to take mariota.
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    i have heard multi theories ... if peter king's or pat kiwan's is right i'd be all for it. not really giving up a ton. add to that the idea of signing byron maxwell as a start to try and fix the horrible secondary, i'd call it a great start to the off-season.
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    I've heard those Fowles rumors too and that certainly seems like the safer play. I'm hearing Winston though. I guess it all depends on how the Eagles give up along with Fowles.

    Either way, as a Bucs fan, I'm really tired of them being irrelevant.
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    The Bucs could could draft the second coming of Joe Montana, but without a decent offensive line the Bucs will continue to be irrelevant.
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    Hurts so deep, Mark.