Deion Sanders Talks About Mike Vick

Discussion in 'Atlanta Falcons' started by Saintsfan1972, Jul 25, 2007.

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    CALM DOWN. This is why I refrain from discussions of this nature, the raw emotion entailed is extremely high in some people. If you reread what I said about the Deion qoute, I simply stated that Deion, IMO, is correct when he says Vick has a different view/perspective about dogfighting and pitbulls etc than we do. That doesn't mean I believe Vick's opinion is correct, but it does add CONTEXT to why he did what he was doing. It's really easy to yell and scream that he's inhumane and should be "insert horrible torture used in indictment here," but to actually take a look at the background, circumstances and analyze the entire situation provides someone with more of an understanding of the crime at hand. Police, FBI, investigators and attorneys do this regularly so they know all the details and circumstances of an action before making a judgement or taking another step.

    The part in which I agree with Deion is that Vick doesn't realize the gravity of his actions for dogfighting because in his eyes its not a major deal. That doesn't mean it shouldn't be, it just means Vick is too dumb to realize how messed up dogfighting and the torture is. This isn't an apologetic statement for Vicks actions, its a background that provides a profile into a persons mentality. People who comitt much more heinous crimes have this done constantly because it helps investigators and legal persons analyze situations better and in the end, helps them to look for other persons of this type who committ these type of crimes.

    Incidently, because Deion said this, it means he has watched dogfighting before? How do you make that connection?
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    Is it just me, or does Deion sound like he thinks Vick is guilty?
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    so if your bolded part is true we should just be ok with it because he doesnt think of it the same way we do.......thats bullcrap i guess you think it would be ok if a suicide bomber takes out a bunch of civilians because he doesnt think of americans the same way as others. Because thats where your going with that statement.

    i didnt say that because he is defending vick it means hes been to dogfights but this statement

    that sounds like somebody whos been to a dogfight
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    In reading the rest of my post, I clearly state that because someone has a differently mentality doesnt mean the actions that occured because of that mentality are ok. No one is justifying dogfighting here. I'm only talking about a perspective that may lead to causation of an act. That's not saying I am justifying that act or acts as they maybe. There's a big step from causation to action. However, when analyzing an incident/crime/action then you would do yourself well to look at everything possible.

    I also would like to reiterate my point of how that statement by Deion means he's been to a dogfight? Does the use of the word "allure" correlate to "I have attended?"