Democrats Seek Hearing On NFL HGH Testing

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    Three Democratic House members are urging the House Energy and Commerce Committee to hold hearings on the impasse between the NFL and players union on testing for human growth hormone. California Rep. Henry Waxman, the top Democrat on the committee, and two others made the request in a letter Tuesday to chairman Fred Upton, a Michigan Republican. The Associated Press obtained a copy before its official release. The NFL and the players agreed to begin blood testing for HGH as part of their new collective bargaining agreement reached in late July—but only if the union agreed to the methods. The union has delayed implementing the test, asking for more scientific data to prove it is reliable.

    Source: Frederic J. Frommer, Yahoo! Sports
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    Glad all of the other national issues have been resolved. How about banning blackouts of games played in taxpayer-subsidized stadiums?
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    Guess the budget balancing is gonna have to wait

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