Derek Anderson Rips Browns Fans, Says They "Don't Deserve A Winner"

Discussion in 'Cleveland Browns' started by ravenfan52, Mar 9, 2010.

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    Wait, wait, wait......NOBODY cheers for Ken Dorsey to come in....EVER. Not even the Raiders.
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    That was my point. Either way, his vag is obviously still sore over it.
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    The real news here is that there are THREE browns fans posting in this thread. That's gotta be a GIF record.

    Good for D.A. It must have been tough being flipped in and out of starting when you know you are SOOOOOOO much better then the loser taking your place and the ONLY reason the fan base loves him is because A) there are picks of him as a little kid in Browns gear B) he hasn't managed to play enough to heck up an entire season yet.

    and for all my brown fans out there I hope SW ends up better then both combined
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    He needs to out of necessity. He begins the "I Want a Job" tour on Friday when he comes here to Phoenix on Friday to visit with the Cards. Interviewing with venom seeping out of the corner of his mouth might not be too endearing.
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    This is our season baby. Right up to draft day (which is our Superbowl).

    He got a raw deal in 2008. I still contend he should be blaming Braylon Edwards. Rumor has it the Jets threw the 1st and 3rd tender at Braylon because they figured he wasn't gonna catch both of them. Gotta cover your bases.
    Seneca Wallace has a higher career QB rating than DA had during his probowl season.

    Real specific apology he had there. Good to know he was "speaking out of frustration" though. Maybe he can understand how Browns fans felt.