Details Of Draft Trade Between Browns, Falcons

Discussion in 'Cleveland Browns' started by SRW, Apr 28, 2011.

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    The Cleveland Browns hinted that they would trade down from the No. 6 overall pick and on Thursday night they found a dancing partner in the Atlanta Falcons. Cleveland moved down -- way down -- to acquire more picks in the next two drafts. Atlanta took former University of Alabama receiver Julio Jones at No. 6. To make the move, the Browns acquired Atlanta's No. 27 overall pick and second- and fourth-round picks this year, in addition to Atlanta's first- and fourth-round picks in 2012.

  2. Omen

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    Brown's made out like bandits ....Slavonic giving up too muchbfor a rookie when they could have probbaly gotten Fitzgerald for those picks
  3. cpgobrowns

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    I was happy when Mangini traded back for half the Jets' scrubs. I can't express how happy this makes me.
  4. Omen

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    You should be sweet as move
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    Flat out consensual rape.
  6. cpgobrowns

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    On NFL network they said that Atlanta couldn't work out a deal with Cincinnati for the 4. What the heck was Cincy asking for?
    A lot of people are going to get fired in Atlanta if they don't go to the Superbowl. And Atlanta was already 5th in PPG last year.
  7. bigsexyy81

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    Just a terrible trade by Atlanta. I could understand if you were gunning for a franchise quarterback, but a WR? And one who might pan out to be good, but sure as hell doesn't show any flashes of greatness to me? Hmm.
  8. Atl is serious about a super bowl. This gives them a dynamic WR to do it with. I like the trade. Plus I trust Thomas Dimitrioff.
  9. cpgobrowns

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    The only way this makes sense for Atlanta is if they go to the Superbowl (then a horrible trade can be forgiven) or there is no 2012 draft.
  10. cover the spread

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    Browns got themselves a stud defensive player, a first next year and plenty of ammo for the next few rounds. Great trade.
  11. 86WARD

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    I hate to say it, but I like the potential of the Browns half of this trade better than the Falcons half.
  12. phiglesphan

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    This crap was so lopsided it doesn't even sound right for Ward to describe it as "halfs" of a trade.
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    Thirds sounds better.....

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    I really don't understand the logic behind the Falcons being desperate to win now (and throwing a good portion of two draft classes in the process). It's not like the team is ancient and on their last legs :S

    A real head-scratcher from the Falcons which could potentially hurt that team in the long run.
  15. TheSnowman

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    Trade rape IMO. Was disappointed at Green and PP being gone, but I had been drinking heavily and I caused a ruckus when this went down, which they didn't appreciate for whatever reason.
  16. bigsexyy81

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    There are a lot of teams serious about Super Bowl. And they aren't doing Ricky Williams-esque trades for one position.
  17. Omen

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    Falcons front office is geting hammered on radio over here.....they better have some good Free agent signings....that's what they are banking on

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  18. smeags

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    browns get a AAA grade for this move. atlanta needed defensive help not another weapon for ryan.
  19. you guys just don't get it. Look how deep the Falcons got in the playoffs last year. They needed a weapon. Yeah they need a DE but apparently that's what they're going to get in FA with either Charles Johnson (Panthers) or Ray Edwards (Vikings).

    Either way this makes them super bowl favorites in my mind. If the Falcons are ever going to win a super bowl it will be soon. They have numerous older players without alot of time left. Not to mention they didn't have alot of needs anyway.

    edit- to call this a Ricky Williams trade is ludicrous. It wasn't at all. This deal was modeled after the 49ers trade up in '95 to get WR JJ Stokes.
  20. smeags

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    no you actually dont get it. they ranked in the top teir last year offensively but middle of the pack defensively. if anything they needed to improve the defense and certainly didnt need to give away so much to move up for jones.

    they didnt lose to the packers because they needed another wideout, they lost because the packers just flat out better period.