Details Of Draft Trade Between Browns, Falcons

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  1. yeah and now the Falcons have a better offense and add another weapon. They can compete with a team like the Packers in a scoring contest.

    They're going to sign a DE in FA. That was their huge need on defense anyway.
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    No DE they would have been able to get at 27 would have been a 10+ sack guy this year. I really think they want a young, proven veteran at DE like Charles Johnson. They also like Biermann and Sidney Rice, who will take time to fully develop. In the meantime, they need someone to rotate in with them. The defense is very young, aside from Abraham, so a youngish vet makes a lot of sense.

    Julio Jones will immediately open up things not only in the passing game, but will also help keep teams from stacking the box against Turner. He's also been regarded as a pretty good blocker, which will also help.

    In the end, if Julio stays healthy and is as good as advertised, this move is a good one. If he busts or gets hurt, the Falcons will look foolish.
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    Yes but doesn't it take most rookies some time to adjust to thw NFL. I mean if he even falters a but it goona set the falcons back a yr..

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  4. it's a top 10 pick at WR it won't take him much time. Crap even Dez Bryant who is almost a goober had a huge impact.