Dez Bryant has an excuse for walking off the field

Discussion in 'Dallas Cowboys' started by SRW, Dec 15, 2013.

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    On Sunday, after Tony Romo threw his second interception of the fourth quarter, clinching Green Bay’s unlikely comeback from a 26-3 halftime deficit, Bryant stormed off the field in a huff because that’s exactly what unsportsmanlike divas do. But if you thought Bryant was a bad teammate for walking to the locker room early because he was angry that his defense gave up five touchdowns in five second-half possessions or that his quarterback checked out of a running play to throw a mind-boggling interception, then threw another one while trying to lead a game-winning drive, then you’re wrong. Let Dez explain:

    Oh, ok then.
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    Cry on the sidelines like a man, ya cat!
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    Poor Dezi. I feel bad for the Prima Donna
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    well, amazingly, the cowboys still control their own destiny for the NFC East crown. i'm not sure anyone expects them to get their crap together well enough to win their last 2 games but if they do, they will be in the playoffs.
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    Makes no difference how good he is or that he's an emotional sideline timebomb, he's unprofessional in every sense of the word.
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    he went to do some sit-ups.
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    Decided to try out his randy moss impersonation. FAIL..........
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    No excuse for this. You're part of a team, Dez. You're not a petulant child. You're an adult. Act like one!
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    perfect fit for dallas.
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    Doesnt he always have an excuse? Suck it up, Dez. You lost. Go shake the Packers' hands and take your lumps like a man.
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    On day Dez is going to grow up......lets just hope it's sooner than later
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    Yes that is the spirit!

    Dez did you see anyone get on Moreno's back for crying on the sidelines?

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    Then again, Moreno has Peyton as his QB.

    Dez has Romo. Yeah I would be crying toooo...ROMO!~
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    Romo seems to have a penchant for bringing his star WR's to tears.
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    I Think it is a safe bet he has brought the whole team to tears a time or two.